Accessories Make 3D Printing Purposeful: Which Ones to Buy?


Being part of the world today we certainly know how advanced technology is, because in one way or another we make use of it in the day to day life. Though not that much of a new concept, the 3D printer is taking over the world thanks to how practical it is, and the endless possibilities is opens up.

If you want to make the most of 3D printing, it’s advisable to count on the help of specialised accessories, as is the case with a 3d printing cooling fan. Though there is a fan on the extruder, it only serves to cool the hot-end heat sink, as opposed to the cooling fan as an accessory you add to cool the filament, something that can improve the performance and result in a beautiful print.

There are many types of 3d printing cooling fan, and great news is they make accessories that don’t cost a fortune, so you don’t have to worry getting prints of quality means they’d break your bank.

They differ in their components and features, and you’d best do with one that can be programmed to work at different speeds, having in mind constant cooling of the fan throughout the printing at the same speed can make for counter-effects.

Moving on to other accessories, you can’t count on the perfect outcome in case you don’t clean up thoroughly after every print, particularly the bed area that often gets clogged with oils, waxes, and other types of contaminants.

You can use isopropyl alcohol to wipe down the bed with the help of cotton pads and this way you’d not only prevent curling from happening, but printer damages too. When taking up 3D printing as more than just something you do for fun, you can’t do without investing in a digital caliper.

It’s a multi-use tool, designed to serve for taking precise measurement of a specific part you intend to print out in 3D, along with checking the filament diameter, and verifying the dimensions of a calibration print. In other words, it’s a must-have investment, one that pays off.

Since the number of cheaper printers appearing on the market has gotten many people excited, the truth in this is the number of risks of fire are also increasing, so there’s the need of a different kind of accessory too: a fire extinguisher that you keep at hand. Pair that with a quality fire alarm system and you’re good to go.