The Purpose of Aftermarket & OEM Parts in Improving the Toyota Hilux’ Longevity

One of the most commercially successful vehicles in Australia for the past couple of years has been the Toyota HiLux. It has enjoyed many years of success, and has by far exceeded the sales numbers of any other sedan and small hatch vehicle. Its sheer reliability, versatility and driving experience has made it hard for the hard-working tradesperson to argue against buying a HiLux. Actually, even the average commuter and off-road enthusiast would have a hard time arguing against the HiLux.

Toyota Hilux

The HiLux stands head and shoulders above its competitors, and it all really comes down to its reliability, and the fact that there hasn’t been a manufacturing error in a really long time. Actually, that stands true for most Toyota products, and the HiLux is just their top-shelf creation. Recent numbers show that there are over 30.000 HiLux vehicles sold in Australia on a yearly basis, which is pretty impressive, even for a Toyota product.

However, as tough and durable as the HiLux may be, it’s still a mechanical vehicle that consists of parts that will eventually give in to wear and tear. That being said, it’s important to frequently inspect for damages, and perform repairs every once in a while. And thanks to the popularity of Toyota in Australia, and especially the popularity of the HiLux, there are many aftermarket Toyota HiLux parts manufacturers and wholesalers for you to buy replacement parts from.

You can opt to buy OEM Toyota HiLux parts, but those may prove to be somewhat expensive. Aftermarket parts, on the other hand, are a more affordable, and sometimes more innovative solution. You can usually find good deals online, if you know where to look, and in Toyota dealerships. Moreover, Toyota offers a cap on servicing all new vehicles, something they call the Toyota Advantage. What this basically means is that all newer vehicles that are scheduled for service may have the cost of the service reduced based on passed kilometres or years of ownership.

Granted, with so many HiLux models available (20+), there are also many different types of HiLux parts, which may leave the inexperienced buyer slightly baffled. But by doing the necessary homework before shopping, and in time, this can be turned into an advantage. In the end, whether you need a HiLux body lift kit, body lift components, accessories, exhausts, spare parts or anything in between, you’re bound to easily find them online and in dealerships, both aftermarket and OEM.