All-Purpose Red Wines You Can Pair with Everything

People that know their wine know that nothing is as good-tasting and versatile as red wine. Red wine is what you sip after a long day of work, what you cook with, what you drink along with exquisite food and what you gift for special occasions. It’s the depth, special flavour and subtle notes what make it different from the others and highly sought-after. And there are quite a lot of options to choose from. So, get your wine glasses ready for the following all-purpose red wine varieties.

Shiraz Red Wine

Shiraz (also known as syrah) is a type of grape variety that grows in a cold climate and makes for a wine that features rich notes and unmistakable flavour. Shiraz red wines are being produced all around the world. In Australia the best shiraz grapes and wine come from the Adelaide Hills which compared to other regions are not that cold but that’s precisely what makes the Shiraz red wine Australia variety distinct and tasty. Syrah grapes originate from France but today are mostly produced in Australia and Africa. Shiraz grapes have dark skin and make for a wine that has a mid to full body – depending on the climate.
shiraz red wine

Shiraz wines have a silky tannin structure, notes of blackberries and black pepper but also ones of chocolate, vanilla, cedar, plum and cranberry. It’s perfectly balanced and suitable to drink right away or after a few years have passed from the bottling. Syrah is a type of wine you can drink on its own, along with dinner or dessert. Those who appreciate fine food can find syrah red wines online for the preparation of meat and sauces too.

Syrah wine goes with everything from barbeque, beef, chicken, duck, grilled meat, hamburgers, lamb sausage to mushrooms, grilled vegetables and tuna. When it comes to desserts it is best if you pair Syrah wine with desserts made with dark chocolate. The taste of the dark chocolate goes really well with the taste of the syrah wine.

Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot

Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot are some of the most popular red wines online and also the most produced varieties. Both of them are made out of Bordeaux grapes and are considered to be similar although there are a few key differences. In Australia, the Bordeaux grapes are being grown in the Coonawarra, Margaret River and Yarra Valley regions.
Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot

Cabernet Sauvignon is a more structured red wine with plenty of tannins and acids while the Merlot has less structure, is juicy and denser. But, there are also wines that are a blend of the two. Cabernet Merlot wine has the best of both worlds – the right depth, fruity flavour and tannins that give it structure. On the palate, you can taste blackberry, plum and just a hint of violet. Australia is one of the countries known to create good Cabernet-Merlot blends. The Margaret River, McLaren Vale, Coonawarra and Big River Zone are among the regions where this blend is being produced. Cabernet blends have a subtle texture and a long finish with tannins that taste like dark chocolate.

The proper way to choose food for the Cabernet-Merlot blend is by knowing what goes with Cabernet first, because the bigger portion of the blend is precisely it. You can pick anything from Asian cuisine, beef, lamb, barbeque, Italian pasta and sauces (especially Bolognese) and of course pizza. As per dessert, in this case, it is best if you choose a chocolate dessert.

Italian Barbera Red Wine

Barbera is the name of the grape out of which Barbera Italian wine is being made. It is one of the most planted grape varieties in Italy. Barbera wine has a recognisable deep dark colour, full-body, low levels of tannins and it is quite acidic compared to other wines.

Italian Barbera wine is one of the highest quality and centuries old. It’s the perfect option for someone that likes their wine fruity and rich with tannins. Although their origin country is Italy, Barbera grapes are also being planted and harvested in some regions in Australia and Argentina. To improve the taste many wine producers keep the wine in oak barrels and the final result is Italian Barbera wine that has vanilla as well as fresh and dried fruit flavours.
Italian Barbera Red Wine

It’s recommended pairing the Barbera wine with dark meat, regular and blue cheese, mushrooms, herbs and vegetables as well as fruits and spices like cherry, anise, sage, cinnamon, white pepper etc. So, knowing this you can make roasted potatoes along with beef and cheesecake for dessert and indulge with a glass or two of Barbera red wine.

Grenache Red Wine

Grenache is yet another type of red grapes from which wine is being produced. Grenache grapes grow in Australia, France, Spain and the US. It’s quite a resistant grape variety that can endure harsh weather conditions like those in Australia for instance. On the palate Grenache wine tastes like raspberry and strawberry bit also the flavours of spices and cardamom can be scented. It’s a tasty and fruity wine with a medium body and otherworldly flavour. Grenache wine is often used as a base for the creation of expensive wine blends all around the world. What gives away the Grenache wine is its strong cinnamon flavour by which wine connoisseurs distinguish it from other types of wine.
Grenache Red Wine

It is best if you pair the Grenache wine with chicken meat and potatoes, lamb with tomato sauce or beef potatoes and cheese but also pork, grilled and stewed meats, smoked salmon and everything else that’s not overly spicy. It also goes well with different types of salads, pizza, pasta and cheese plates.

Grenache red wine is quite fruity and sweet meaning it is the perfect match to whatever your dessert happens to be. It tastes like cherries, strawberries, raspberries, fresh herbs and plums so it will complement your dessert completely. You can try the Grenache red wine with chocolate cake or chocolate cookies, caramelized nuts, dried fruits and figs. Then again, creamy desserts and pies are just as good a choice. For instance, the strong cinnamon taste of the Grenache red wine will go perfectly with the flavour of freshly baked apple pie. Add caramel on top and you’ve got the match made in heaven.