The Purpose and Benefits of Bunded Shelving and Spill Decks

Preventing spills is one of the most vital parts in operating businesses that work with liquid chemicals. The best way to prevent that from happening is most certainly by being careful enough and by incorporating bunded shelves and spill decks in your warehouse. These items securely store and catch leaks and spills that might happen from the containers resting on top of them, preventing them from putting your work space, and more importantly your employees, in danger.

Spill decks and bunded shelving safely contain the spills until you can deal with the issue, thus increasing the safety in the work space. Moreover, they make it easier to clean up chemical leakage, overflow and spills. As it’s being contained, you can approach the waste safely without having to walk through dangerous chemicals and risk damage to your skin and clothing.

Bunded Shelving

Spill decks also have removable grating, thus allowing easy access to the chemicals for safe cleaning and removal. You can link multiple spill decks together and create a bunded work floor, which is ideal for protecting your whole premises from leaks and spills. This not only increases the safety of the area where they’re stored, but also the work stations where they’re used, as well as the entire transportation area.

Spill decks and bunded shelving can be custom made to ensure they perfectly fit your space. These shelves and floors are incredibly durable and made of heavy-duty materials, which allows even heavy equipment, such as forklifts, to be driven across them without buckling. This is important because there are many corrosive chemicals which can cause great damage to a business space and destroy metal tools, work benches, flooring and any organic compound that comes in touch with them.

Additionally, containing the spill within the shelf or deck is important because liquid chemicals spread quickly and can compromise your drain and water supply. More importantly, this prevents the spills from mixing with chemical materials that can already be found on the floor, such as petroleum or any other volatile chemical. It goes without saying that mixing certain chemicals could cause fire, explosions, or corrosive gases.

To sum it up, spill decks and shelves not only increase the safety of the business premises significantly, but they also make the cleaning process much safer and quicker. Every business that deals with liquid chemicals on regular basis should consider storing them in bunded shelving or on spill decks – both solutions will do the job just fine.