Ergonomics: Create a Healthy and Purposeful Work Environment

Not many things are as important in the workplace as the well-being of employees and the conditions in which they work. Not only because of human decency and laws but also because business often depends on it. In today’s predominantly sedentary jobs, the best way to care for your employees is to provide them with an ergonomic workplace. And even if you’re a freelancer, you need to treat yourself as if you were your own employee.

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Ergonomic furniture and other useful accessories are meant to support the body and help it to stay in its natural and neutral position as much as possible. Moreover, comfort and pain-free working also have a huge positive impact on workers’ productivity and creativity. Employees are also more likely to care for their jobs when they feel as if they are appreciated, and that their wellbeing is something important to their employers.

Besides being great for your employees’ health, creating an ergonomic work environment can positively affect your business as well. The two most important components of creating an ergonomic and healthy work environment are the chair and desk. So, let’s take a closer look at their desired features and functions for optimum performance.

Ergonomic Chair

Regardless of whether you are creating a healthy work environment for your employees or for yourself, the first thing you need to buy is high-quality and reliable ergonomic executive chairs. Sitting for hours can be devastating to our bodies, and even more so if we sit uncomfortably and in some odd positions. So, finding the right office chair is crucial both for your wellbeing and for your work.

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An executive office chair is a high-quality tall-backed ergonomic chair designed to provide support and comfort to the entire upper body. A well-chosen ergonomic office chair can adapt to the user’s body because it’s entirely adjustable. The height of the sitting area from the ground, the height of the neck, the width of the armrests, the lumbar support, the angle of the backrest, etc. all play a big role in the ergonomics of the model.

Comfort is very important to us humans. And if we don’t feel it while working, it’s very likely we won’t be as productive as we might be otherwise. But more importantly, comfort also affects our wellbeing in a plethora of ways. Adjusting to the natural curves of our spine, to the height of our legs, the natural fall of our elbows, etc. ergonomic executive chairs promote not only our physical but also our mental health.

Spending hours upon hours working in a chair that doesn’t support your body naturally will cause more than just pain and unpleasantness. When a person spends the entire workday in pain, it affects their mood negatively, it decreases their focus and productivity, it causes stress and stress-related issues, etc. All of this can reflect on their personal life as well.

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Of course, when you are choosing an office chair, whether it’s for yourself or for the employees in an office, you need to be cautious, because not all ergonomic chairs are equally good. The main thing you need to keep in mind is that good executive office chairs offer complete adjustability. The seat height, the chair depth or width, the backrest and the lumbar support, the headrest, the armrests’ height and width should all be adjustable. Furthermore, the model should be made of high-quality and breathable materials. The chair should be mobile but stable, and the wheels should be sturdy and reliable.

Ergonomic Desk

The desk plays a huge and vital role both in the comfort and the posture of the person using it. You should be able to use the computer without feeling shoulder, shoulder blade, neck or back pain, or discomfort in any other part of your body. This means that the height, size, depth etc. of the desk should also be ideal.

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It’s preferable that the desk is also adjustable. Height adjustable desks make it easier for you to find the most suitable position while working and thanks to them you can alternate between sitting and standing. These types of desks are one of the best inventions to help you deal with prolonged sitting. Alternating between sitting and standing can help against all the risks posed by a sedentary lifestyle, including improving posture, protecting you from aches in the back, neck, legs, hips, feet, knees, improving blood flow, protecting you from diabetes, heart disease, etc.

Other Ergonomic Accessories


To boost your comfort and improve ergonomics, you can also invest in certain helpful items such as an ergonomic laptop stand, mouse, keyboard, monitors, footrest and other types of supports designed to help you work pain-free. Using an ergonomic instead of the conventional mouse, for instance, can keep your arms in their natural position, reduce the strain to your wrists, prevent carpal tunnel and repetitive strain injury, reduce the range of motion, etc. They are definitely worth trying, so do not hesitate and find your ideal pieces!