Purpose Of Forklift Attachments


The forklifts are described as extremely flexible and versatile machines that can be used for a variety of tasks, such as lifting, moving and carrying different types of materials. Usually, these machines are used in enclosed facilities, like production or storage warehouses, for lifting and moving heavy items from one location to another. Today, there are various forklift models on the market, designed and produced by well-known manufactures. However, their focus is not only on producing powerful forklifts, but also on designing different forklift attachments. In fact, the versatility of the forklifts comes form the various forklift attachments that can be found on the market. When equipped with different forklift attachments, a simple and standard forklift can do a lot of things not just the traditional moving and carrying tasks. The most commonly used forklift attachments today are the following ones:

Side Shifters. The side shifters are some of the most commonly used forklift attachments. Most forklifts on the market originally come with side shifters as standard equipment. These attachments allow you to shift the tynes or the forks from side to side. This way, you can make small adjustments without having to move the entire forklift.

Fork Positioners. These are another popular forklift attachments. With these attachments, you can move the forks hydraulically either closer one to another or further away. The fork positioners can handle pallets of different sizes quickly and more effectively. This allows you to align the forks more quickly and accurately.

Paper Roll Clamps. The paper roll clamps are designed to handle paper rolls of different sizes and are used in industries like paper manufacturing, newspaper printing, tissue manufacturing, and in other paper industry sectors. These forklift attachments can be designed with automatic pressure controls. The automatic pressure control allows proper pressure allocation, protecting in this way the paper rolls.

Pull/Push Attachments. Pull/Push attachments are generally used for loads that come with slip sheets instead of pallets. The slip sheets are ideal for handling bagged seed or grain, bagged cement, dairy products, packed food products, fruit, and other similar items. What is unique about these forklift attachments is that instead of using pallets they come with inexpensive slip sheets which decrease the maintenance costs.

Carton Clamps. The carton clamps are designed with a purpose to handle square or rectangular items that don’t need pallet. These forklift attachments are most commonly used for moving electronic devices, appliance or beverages. They can also be used for handling fragile materials.

Single/Double Pallet Handler. The single/double pallet handlers are used for moving one or two pallets side by side. By spreading four forks, these forklift attachments can handle two pallets efficiently. The forks are either manually or hydraulically positioned. Forklifts with single/double pallet handlers are generally used in production facilities, warehousing or shipping industries.