Purpose of Hiring Order Fulfillment Services Provider

Order fulfillment services are simply said very much like shipping operations. The difference is that fulfillment services do not only include sending purchases to clients, but also involve packing, receiving incoming shipments, dealing with returns and tracking the inventory. These operations may not be important for some companies, but for majority of small businesses fulfillment services are vital. Today, there are many order fulfillment services providers, offering customer service on behalf of the clients.


Order Fulfillment services are most commonly provided by big mail houses.

One purpose of hiring an order fulfillment services provider is lower shipping costs. The price depends on the services needed. But, since the order fulfillment services providers process large amounts of orders every day, they are capable of providing very low shipping costs for large, medium and small businesses. The purpose of hiring fulfillment services is not just about superior cost. With order fulfillment services businesses can save a lot of valuable time. The question is how? It is simple. There is no need for training current or new employees how to pick, pack and ship orders and deal with other related fulfillment services.

Another big advantage of hiring order fulfillment services provider is the seasonal flexibility. During holidays (especially in the months of November and December), the companies generate more than 20% of the total annual retail sales. The increased sales means more work and many businesses often get stuck with their shipments. Usually companies hire temporary workers and rent new equipment to ensure all tasks are done in timely manner. And even though this may seem cost-effective, there is a better way – fulfillment services.

Order fulfillment services providers are a more cost-effective solution as there is no need for hiring additional staff. These 3PL providers have the needed equipment, industry experience and highly skilled and trained staff to match any fulfillment related task. Also, with the warehouse and distribution centers most fulfillment services providers offer, you will save a lot on storage and cut the shipping costs significantly. As your business grows, the need of getting a bigger warehouse can be eliminated by hiring an order fulfillment services provider.

Moreover, the flexibility the order fulfillment services offer is another worthy reason to hire a reputable 3PL provider. An order fulfillment services provider gives you and your business an opportunity to expand and enter new markets. Simply said, by hiring a fulfillment services provider you can focus on the more important activities of your business.