Purpose Of Magnetic Separators

Magnetic separator is a machine that uses a magnetic force to separate magnetically susceptible materials. The process of magnetic separation is a extensively performed in the mining industry and in the bulk handling industry. By creating a powerful magnetic field, the magnetic separator is heavily used for protecting conveyors or other valuable equipment at the job site. Also, the magnetic separator minimize the downtime. When a metal separation is needed, the magnetic separator is the most obvious choice, as it is capable to efficiently detect and separate the metal which cannot be easily removed by a simple magnet.


However, there are many magnetic separator models available on the market, and every magnetic separator is used for specific application and purpose. But many operators make mistakes and use powerful magnetic separator for simple applications, not knowing the true purpose of the magnetic separators and their working principle. Bigger and more powerful is not always the answer. By having the right magnetic separator, the operators can achieve better results by performing the separation process more efficiently.

The purpose of the magnetic separator is straightforward: to separate metal components from a mixture by using a magnetic force. The magnetic separation process is used since the early 1940s, when one American engineer developed a flat, magnetic product which was used by the farmers to remove metal contaminants from their grain chutes. The metal creates sparks, causing an explosion or fire which often leads to catastrophic results. Thanks to the great mind of Mr. Orange, the magnetic separator helped many farmers to remove ferrous items from their grain chutes. Today, the magnetic separator is significantly improved and it is used for many other applications in various industries.

The magnetic separator is designed with a purpose to efficiently remove all types of ferrous materials from a specific mixture, such as rust, scale, bolts and other contaminants. The damages caused by ferrous metal contamination can compromise the quality of the final product, meaning that the product will have less value. However, these issues can be avoided or completely eliminated by using a magnetic separator.