Purpose of Transcend Travel CPAP

Do you often toss and turn during night? Have trouble falling asleep? Frequently wake up at nigh choking and gasping for air? If so, then you must suffer from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder best known for frequent breathing pauses. Breathing pauses are caused by blocked airway passage. During sleep all muscles in the body relax causing the soft throat tissue to relax and to block the air passage. The breathing pauses can occur as many as 30 times in one hour and usually last from few seconds to a full minute. Sleep apnea is a serious condition and must be treated properly and in time. It can lead to heart problems, diabetes, stroke, etc.

Travel CPAP

The best sleep apnea treatment is the Cpap therapy. Cpap machines are designed to provide OSA patients with continuous airflow at prescribed pressure. Regular usage is a must for most optimal results. This means that Cpap machine must be used every night, even when traveling. However, some OSA patients have hard time sticking to the Cpap therapy when on vacation, mainly because not all Cpap machines are designed for traveling.

Does your sleep apnea affects your love for camping or traveling? Are you avoiding family weekend getaways and vacations because you are not sure if your Cpap machine can adampt to different voltage and altitude? And are tired of carrying your bulky Cpap machine and batteries? Worry no more as Transcend has revolutionized the Cpap therapy with their newest travel cpap.

The Transcend travel cpap has the same purpose as other Cpap machines – to provide constant airflow, ensure proper breathing and prevent OSA symptoms. But what differs Transcend travel cpap from other Cpap devices is its design. It is designed to automatically adjust to different voltage supplies making your traveling plans super easy. For example, if you plan to travel to another country, no need to worry about your Cpap therapy. With Transcend travel cpap you can go anywhere and still continue your treatment, just make sure you have the right socket adapter. The whole purpose of the Transcend travel cpap is to enable OSA patients to be free to sleep anywhere.

Here are few more benefits of this innovative travel cpap:

  • compact size (so small it can actually git into the palm of your hand);
  • lightweight (it weight less than 500gr);
  • portable and fully powered;
  • battery operated;
  • quiet;
  • automatically adjusts the pressure depending on the altitude;
  • offers superior leak protection;
  • comes with a humidifier option;
  • easy to clean and maintain;
  • affordable (the price of Transcend travel cpa is almost half the price of other Cpap machines).