Reasons Why Women of All Ages Love Wearing Cotton Dresses

Staying stylish after 40 is not so hard in the world of today. There are plenty of interesting and cool clothing stores that offer a great range of cotton dresses for mature women in various styles. Yes, our bodies, faces, and lifestyles do change as the years go by, but this does not mean you should look boring and old. Think about dresses a bit. They have been a staple in women’s closets for so many years now and their designs and styles only seem to get better. As we get older, comfort is all we are looking for in clothing, but that doesn’t mean the pieces and materials you choose should be boring and dull-looking. For instance, cotton is both comfortable and stylish and it comes in a diverse array of designs.

But why cotton dresses? Because they are suitable for any age, occasion and season. You can pair them with high heels or wear them with flat shoes. However you decide to style it up, a women cotton dress is always a good idea. A white cotton dress is an ideal choice for hot summer days where you can show your sunkissed skin without sacrificing comfort. Also, an off-the-shoulder women cotton dress is a great choice for a summer night out. Pair it with espadrilles for a casual dinner and you will feel comfortable yet on-trend. The maxi models are another interesting option that adds sophistication to all-day comfort.

women cotton dress

Furthermore, women cotton dresses offer extra protection from the sun and can help you make a statement, especially if you choose one with an eye-catching print or bold stripes. A day spent on the beach can be even better if you have the comfort of cotton on you. A light and airy cotton dress will keep you cool while enjoying the sun on the beach and its moisture-wicking material will help it to dry quickly. Buying a couple of women cotton dresses is a worthy investment – here are some of the reasons why.


A women cotton dress can be worn in all seasons. Cotton is a good material to wear in various temperatures as it can keep you cool during summertime but it can also keep you warm during cold winter days. This is due to the fact that cotton can trap air in between fibres and provide your body with sufficient insulation.

women cotton dress

Moisture control

Since cotton is a highly absorbent material, a women cotton dress can be your best ally during hot summer days as cotton eliminates the moisture buildup between your skin and clothes, thus keeps you dry. Cotton is a natural material that can absorb around one-fifth of its weight before it becomes damp.

Less toxic

Cotton is a natural fibre what makes it less toxic compared to other options. Usually, most of the cloth fibres are synthetically prepared and treated with a range of chemicals that can be easily absorbed by your skin. They are harmful not just for your skin but also for your whole body. Some of the most common chemicals are polyacrylonitrile used in acrylic fibres, terephthalic used in polyester, sulfuric acid found in rayon, petroleum used for nylon fabrics, etc.

women cotton dress


It is a well-known fact that cotton doesn’t cause any allergic reactions. As a matter of fact, dermatologists recommend cotton as one of the friendliest materials for people who are dealing with skin allergies, which means you can never go wrong with a quality cotton dress. Its hypoallergenic nature and moisture-wicking properties do not aggravate dry skin or cause any other skin reactions in people with sensitive skin or even in people prone to skin issues like eczema or rashes. The fact that it is part of some of the most frequently used medical products, like bandages and gauzes, as well as the fact that it is used for the production of baby clothing says a lot about this material.


And last but not least, cotton is considered one of the most durable materials. It can withstand frequent hand washing or the strongest washing machine cycle and it won’t tear easily. It doesn’t have an inherent odor so it will save you time on washing, power, and detergent. When compared to synthetic fibers, cotton fibers stick close together thus they last longer, don’t break down easily and don’t become fuzzy. The inherent durability of cotton is what makes cotton dresses a great investment and taking care of them regularly and properly will ensure that they will last a very long time.