The Usefulness of Rechargeable Batteries for Safety Camping Purposes

When staying in the woods at night-time for whatever purpose, such as hunting, camping or hiking, the one thing you really don’t want to go without is a high quality torch. Apart from helping you illuminate your surroundings during the night, it may also serve as a deterrent against predators.

There are many other essential things you should never go without when staying in the woods for longer than a day, such as a good supply of food, a decent knife or multitool and a tent, however without a torch along with an extra battery and a charger, you are sure to find out that the night is dark and possibly full of terror.


The most basic typesof batteries are tge AAA, AA, D and the C cell. There are however other types you should know, including CR2, CR123a and the 18650 rechargeable battery. The first three do their job fine but require replacing the battery in order to power the torch for extended periods of use and that is where the 18650 rechargeable battery comes in.

It’s much bigger in size than the standard AA and also much thicker which mean it requires more storage space, but provides much more light output. They are also made of ionized lithium, which is the best choice for storage since it doesn’t self-discharge at the same rate as other substances. You can even leave it in storage for years and if it’s of higher quality, it will still be usable.

Additionally, carrying an extra battery can be lifesaving in some cases while camping out in the woods. Animals that get too close to your camp can be scared away by pointing a flashing a torch into their eyes which can blind them temporarily, causing them to become frightened and avoid your camp. It is also can save you when you need to call for help in case you are lost or hurt.

In short, there are many reasons to always be prepared when camping or hunting for extended periods of time, safety being the primary reason to have an extra battery whether you are to use it only for staying aware of your surroundings or protect yourself. Finally, there’s no doubt that having a portable charger that you can install in a car or RV to have your batteries charged at all times can also help when it comes to being ready and able to illuminate your way through the night.