The Purpose of an Exhaust Upgrade For Your Navara

The Nissan Navara is a pretty big vehicle, with big tires that give it quite a bit of ground clearance, a big engine that gives it a lot of horse power, a big trunk for storing sizeable items, and a lot of other features that can be described by placing the adjective “big” in front of them. To most people this pick-up in and of itself is a bit too much car for them to know what to do with, but to others it could stand to use a few upgrades. To those of you that think this is crazy, well you’re right honestly, but there are certain aspects of a car that can always do with some improvements, and the exhaust system is one of them.

Nissan Navara D22 Exhaust Systems

There are many different reasons why someone might consider a Nissan Navara D22 exhaust upgrade as a great addition to their ride, but naturally the most widely agreed upon are the appearance and the performance. Granted, this comes as a surprise to no one, seeing as how these are basically the two most important aspects you can upgrade on any car, but what is surprising is the level of change you feel after you switch out the standard exhaust system for an after market variety.

The Nissan Navara D22 exhaust upgrade can really turn your car from looking like a ferocious beast ready to take on any sort of road, to a ferocious beast ready to take on any road with a great looking exhaust. In all seriousness, the aesthetic value that the exhaust can bring to any car really is underappreciated, as it can let it give off a more powerful impression without going overboard and becoming too gaudy.

Of course, while the change in appearance can be appreciated, what’s really more important is the perks that you get from the exhaust upgrades after you press the pedal and see just how many horses it added to your barn. While strictly speaking, the exhaust doesn’t have as much of an effect on the engine’s performance in adding power, it plays a big role in more effectively using what the Nissan already has beneath the hood. Among the more noticeable improvements are the response that you feel after you put your foot to the pedal and the speed at which it reacts to even a twitch in your heel, and the level of noise and gas emission you produce depending on which kind of upgrade you get.

As mentioned before, even without any upgrades the Navaro is quite a machine, but if you are planning on making some modifications, then the exhaust system is definitely a good place to start.