The Purpose of Home Decor: Give Your Space Some Soul & Character

While a house can be made with bricks and mortar, to make a home you need a lot more. The things you fill your house with will give it enough character and soul to be called a home. And I’m not only talking about basic furniture and appliances. To make your space truly livable and lovable, you will also need to sprinkle around a few additional things like soft rugs, cosy pillows, captivating art and fresh greenery.

beautiful organic bulk pots

While décor might not always have a practical role, it can greatly affect how your home looks and feels to you. So, if you feel that your space is lacking something, the following décor items may be what you need to complete it.

A Stunning Living Room Rug

Boho-Living-Room-Rug Modern Home Decor

Everyone knows that a great rug has the power to tie any room together. Often, its mere presence is enough to elevate the look of the space and make it feel homey and cosy. Whether it’s antique or modern, monochromatic or colourful, a gorgeous rug can be an investment for your home’s décor for years to come. Just make sure it’s the right shape and size for the room it’s in and in colours that complement the rest of the furniture and décor elements. You may also want to pick a rug made of a durable and easy-to-clean material. Wool is a great option, but if that doesn’t work for you, polypropylene can be a good alternative.

Hardworking Hardware

door hardweare moder home decor

Door handles and cabinet knobs are one of the most frequently used elements in the home. Plus, they are often at eye-level which means their look can affect the space. If the hardware in your home looks beat up, you have the perfect excuse to replace it with a more modern and stylish alternative. There are many sleek hardware designs you can find at stores selling a wide range of modern home décor. When it comes to buying hardware, you need to make sure that it’s good quality in order to withstand the frequent touching. Additionally, a nicer cabinet pull or door handle will be heavier and offer a better feel in the hand. If you want to give your doors and cabinets a unique touch, you can pick some sturdy hardware made of concrete or terazzo – materials known for supreme durability.

Make It Fresh With Vases

bottle vase modern home decor

There’s nothing more refreshing than the vibrant colours and intoxicating scents of freshly cut flowers placed into a gorgeous vase. Vases come in unlimited shapes and designs and can into any design scheme and suit every taste. A vase is a popular décor piece for coffee tables. The coffee table is usually in the middle of the room and needs décor that will look good from all directions. While most other ornaments have a front and backside, a vase usually looks the same and just as beautiful when observed from every angle. It can add height to the coffee table and serve as a centrepiece that helps ground the display.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

decor-fiam-mirror modern home decor

Designers often use mirrors, and any reflective surfaces for that matter, to brighten up a room. This is especially helpful if you’re living in close quarters. Strategically placing one or two mirrors can make the natural light bounce around the space and brighten it up. Plus, positioning a mirror on a wall opposite a window will reflect the outside view and give the illusion of a second window. You can also use a mirror to create a focal point in a living room by mounting it at a central spot like over the fireplace or positioning it behind a light source like a pendant lamp or a candle.

Stay in Step with the Times

interior-clock-design-modern home decor

While most modern home décor items won’t have a practical purpose, a clock can have more than just a decorative function. Whether it’s a minimalist, black-and-white wall clock, a vintage tick-tock piece on the mantle, or a huge grandfather clock standing in a corner of the room, it will allow you to effortlessly track time and add an accent to the space. There’s a clock for every price range and for every design scheme, so I’m certain you’ll find something that works for you.

Anything8 That Truly Speaks to You

family photo modern home decor

There’s no need to disregard a piece of décor just because you think it’s not stylish enough. Any item can look chic given the right textures and colours around it. So, if you really love something, it’s worth having it in your home. Don’t be too blinded by trends or what everyone else has in their space. Instead, follow your heart and design your home accordingly. And on that note, don’t overlook the effect of a good old-fashioned photograph. While everything may be digital these days, having physical proof of some of your best memories is worth keeping. There are some many creative ways you can display your family photos for all to see, so there’s no reason to hide them in a folder in your computer or smartphone.