The Purpose of Most Gardening Tools

As with any hobby or activity, gardening also requires an abundance of pieces of equipment and helpful tools that just about anyone can use. However, if you are just starting out and don’t really know what you are doing yet or even what you are planning to grow, you will probably get the most use out of the bare essentials. Of course, if you want you could buy every piece of equipment straight off the bat, but at this early stage you really won’t find most of them very useful.


When it comes to gardening, it is highly recommended that you get some equipment that can help you protect your hands when trying to do certain tasks that involve a more “hands on” approach. This equipment comes in the form of gardening gloves, which can come in a few types. There are the basic latex gloves that do little more than keeping your hands clean, synthetic gloves that are used for weeding and general maintenance, and heavy-duty leather gloves which are designed to be more durable in order to handle any of the tougher jobs. There is also the option of getting some sturdier boots if you believe that you will be trudging through quite a bit of mud and your regular footwear can’t handle it.

Some of the most useful yet still overlooked gardening tools when it comes to watering the plants would have to be the pipe hose fittings. The purpose of the pipe hose fittings is to be attached to the pipe in order to serve as a conduit between it and the hose you plan to water the plants with. You can also get hoses of different lengths, as well as different nozzles and attachments for them. There is also always the option of getting a timed sprinkler system if you want to completely automate the irrigation process.

Finally, we come to the types of tools that people always think of when it comes to gardening, most of which are called long-handled tools because of the size of the grip. The most common such tools are the shovel, the hoe and the digging fork, and while all of these items may differ from each other, they are all used to lift, loosen or turn over the soil so that the plants can be properly planted or removed. There are also tools like the sheers or scissors which are used primarily for pruning and trimming, as well as the rake, which is used to gather up leaves.

The above mentioned basic items can provide a good starting point for any and every aspiring gardener and can help him or her easily take care of his plants, no matter if they do or don’t have much of a green thumb.