The Purpose Of Reach Trucks

Reach truck is a narrow-aisle type of material handling equipment, and one of the most commonly used machines for lifting and moving various loads quickly and efficiently. This lift truck has a great value, especially in warehouses and production facilities. With an excellent maneuverability and great lifting capacity, the reach truck ensures efficient stacking and movement of goods and supplies.


As the name suggests, the reach truck can operate in narrow aisles and can place loads on high locations. The forks of this machine can be extended beyond the stabilizing legs for reaching higher locations. The combination of reach capability and stabilizing legs means that the reach trucks are capable to lift loads higher than most material handling machines, and also to operate efficiently in narrow spaces. The stabilizing legs are hydraulically controlled, making the reach truck easy to operate.

The sole purpose of the reach trucks is to provide the operators a perfect solution for indoor material handling operations. They are not so efficient for outside operations, because their undercarriage clearance can easily get damaged if the truck is used on uneven surfaces. However, the reach truck is ideal for indoor storing and horizontal transportation, which are common tasks in every warehouse, logistics companies, distribution centers and manufacturing plants.

There are three main types of reach trucks: deep-reach truck, stand-up truck and straddle reach truck. The stand-up truck is best known for its simplicity. It uses forks to lift and transport loads to the desired location for storage. The deep-reach truck uses a pantograph mechanism for placing and moving pallets. This forklift truck is similar to the basic stand-up trucks, but it comes with longer telescopic forks for increased load capacity and product throughput. The straddle truck is known for its versatility and superior flexibility.

Whether powered by gas, diesel or electricity, the reach truck offers great cost-efficiency. Also, it increases your warehouse storage space by storing loads at heights you’ve never thought you would use. With simple and compact structure, you can expect a long service life of your reach truck. You can even install a camera on the fork undercarriage for better and safe operation. With so many benefits and advantages, it is no wonder why the reach truck is a number one choice for every warehouse or production facility.