The Purpose Of Rock Breaker


Specifically designed crushing machines are needed in the industry sectors where large objects need to be crushed into smaller pieces with manageable size. These machines are called rock breakers and they play a huge role in these industry sectors. The rock breaker is widely used in mining and landscaping applications for breaking objects which are too heavy or too large to be broken by less powerful rock crushers. Although it can be both stationary and mobile, the rock breaker is most commonly used as a mobile tool because it is more flexible.

With simple but efficient working principle, the purpose of the rock breaker is to apply force to a small piston and to create a mechanical advantage when the constant pressure is redirected through the pipes on a bigger area, producing in this way high force. Today, there are many different types of rock breakers and they differ in terms of weight, size and usage. Every rock breaker is designed to be used for a specific application. The one thing they all have in common is the strong and steel made construction. The weight of the head determines the balance and the efficiency of the whole rock breaker. Logically, the heavier the head, the quicker and more efficient the breaking procedure. Lighter rock breakers are suitable for breaking lighter and smaller rocks.

With a chisel head, the rock breaker is also suitable for clearing debris or for brushing applications. This rock breaker is especially used by geologists to clear dust from rocks or fossils. However, all rock breakers are very efficient for a variety of geological explorations.

These days, the hydraulic equipment is more used than the standard equipment. The same applies for the rock breaker. Hydraulic rock breakers deliver higher force and are quite efficient for larger construction projects. They are based on the theories of fluid mechanics and are consisted of pipes, motor, pump, special hydraulic liquid and an output device.

The hydraulic rock breakers are very versatile and can be used for construction tasks, demolition works, metal forging and quarry applications. The hydraulic rock breaker crush in both forward and backward directions, and stops once the digging tool is raised. When compared with the standard rock breaker, the hydraulic rock breaker has more environmental-friendly impact and generates less noise.