The Purpose Of Trommels


A trommel is a piece of equipment that is used in several industries. It is a cylindrical screening device, specifically designed for mineral and solid waste processing. It is quite efficient for sorting crushed rocks and debris from sand and dirt as well. Most trommel models that can be found on the market come with production rates ranging from 20 to over 100 cubic meters per hour. With so many trommels on the market, the operators can easily choose the most suitable model for their application.

Generally, there are two trommel models, one suitable for mining applications and the other efficient for sorting debris. The second trommel is also known as washing drum and it is used for sorting debris of various sizes. The working principle of this trommel is very unique, as it use water or solvent to speed up the sorting process.

The first trommel is used for sorting ores in the mining industry. This trommel can be of different size and shape and has different specifications, which mainly depends on the size of the mining application. This trommel is commonly referred to reverse helix cleansing drum, and its main purpose is to separate ore from other substances. Because of that, the trommel is extensively used for surface mining applications.

The main purpose of the trommel is to separate ore from other compounds in the mining industry. The trommel used in mining sites features four sections. The first is the feeder, which transports the material into the drum. In fact, the trommel is a drum that uses the Archimedes principle developed thousands of years ago. With spiral shaped riffles inside, the trommel sends lighter materials out of the tube, while the heavier flow to the high-end of the tube.

Although the trommel is most commonly for mining and other high-production capacity jobs, it also has other purposes, both large and small. For example, it is often used by many homeowners for small gardening projects. It allows the homeowners to reclaim decorative stones or clean rocky soil if needed. Also, the trommel can sort rocks which are used as building materials in garden paths or as concrete. The trommel can also be an efficient machine for various cleanup operations, such as separating solid compounds from soils.