Timothy Keller (Ed): The Meaning And Purpose Of Marriage

I want my life and my marriage to look less like the world and more like Christ.” – Marquis Clarke

No institution is more sacred and divine than the unity of marriage. Two souls in love with each other, in front of our Lord and saviour, joined in a union that enriches natural love. Recently, my mind was opened to the teachings of God and his intention for our lives. It was then when I came across the great author Timothy Keller, that made my faith stronger and gave me the boost I needed for entering the sacred world of eternal love.


Timothy Keller, as an inspiring preacher, has touched a countless number of couples, helping them realize the true meaning of the matrimonial bond between two people. Together with his life partner for 36 years, Kathy Keller, he wrote The Meaning of Marriage – a remarkable take on the key points of happy and prosperous marriage that will inspire many people and change their lives forever.

The dynamic world we live in and the overwhelming globalisation of every aspect of our lives dictates what type of person we should choose to spend our lives with. Through the popular media, we are forced to believe that romance is the most important part of a successful marriage and that maintaining this segment in particular will ensure everlasting happiness. These modern notions are, in fact – wrong. Timothy Keller gives direction toward the real purpose of marriage and the right way to raise a happy and healthy family.


Keller opens The Meaning Of Marriage with a discussion on the drastic decline of consistency in marriage and the growing number of divorces in today’s modern world.

One of the crucial points that changed my stand on this topic forever was his elaboration on how many sins we bring to our relationships and how we can fight these demons that dwell inside of us with the power of the Holy Spirit. Keller goes on describing the characteristics of true, godly love that involves commitment, emotional availability and the whole concept of love as a choice.

 Keller explains the right reasons for marriage, creating a concept of divinity and fulfilled partnership that is in fact the most important base for an everlasting friendship.

Kathy writes from the female’s point of view, explaining the role of the woman in marriage as a union. She explains how the purpose and meaning of the sexual bonding is completely taken out of context by the modern world, rendering it to nothing more than a shameful bodily desire. On the other hand, she also points out how much it is glorified and clean in the eyes of the Lord, only during the period that it is intended for – the marriage itself.

There is also a specific part inside The Meaning of Marriage that speaks about single people. Keller points out that those who are married are an example for everyone because establishing a divine connection in accordance with the Bible is a special and enlightening feeling that can only be achieved with great effort and a significant period of time.

This book can also be interpreted as a guide on relationships in general, beyond the limitations of marriage. There are lots of books on marriage out there, but this one has a special twist on its own.

The Meaning of Marriage helped me change my life and I thank God every day. If you are experiencing problems with the communication with your partner and often find yourself in doubt about how to get to the core of the misunderstanding, then this is the book that can certainly guide to some, if not all answers you need.