Top 10 Must-Have Bags

I have been walking around with the same black handbag for years and was perfectly fine with it until one day, a fairly young lady asked me where did I buy it and shamelessly giggled when I said I got it 5 years ago. My bag is in a perfectly good shape, it is black, large and it goes perfectly well with everything I have. Plus, it perfectly serves the purpose, so why on Earth would I change it?!

But okay, I got the point, this time the harder way. So I took my laptop and started doing what I do best: researching the fashion world so I can get on track with the latest trends. Typed fashion accessories online and all I had to do was look for the handbag that will literally take my breath away. The choice was rather large, so I consulted fashion magazines, combined their tips with my personal preferences and somehow managed to create a list of the ten must-have bags.

Must Have Bags

  1. Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Small Studded Logo Backpack

    Yes, this is a backpack! When you look through fashion accessories online stores, it is a great idea to look for backpacks, as apparently, they are the top trend right now. And this particular piece by Michael Kors is simply fantastic! It comes with adjustable straps so you can wear it however you want it. Its design is very fancy, featuring the MK logo over the entire surface. So if you want to achieve the hipster street style but still have a dose of feminine elegance, the perfect bag is waiting for you in the form of Michael Kors backpack.

  2. Ashely Shopper bag by Condura

    I have seen the Ashley shopper bag on several of my friends and I totally love it! It is completely my style: large, amazing design, and with just two colours dominating: white and black, pink or green.

  3. Coach Rivets Dakotah Crossbody

    This is a cute, small bag, perfect for various occasions. In my head I have already paired it with casual heels and a night-out outfit, ideal for sitting in a club and having a martini at the bar. It is made to be worn as a cross-shoulder bag. It is made of a smooth calf leather, decorated with workwear – inspired rivets. Just browse the ultimate fashion accessories online and I am sure you will find it as in the world of fashion, this type of bag is a must.

  4. Violet Leather Shoulder Bag by Condura

    Hipster girls and ladies who love wearing boyfriend jeans, I have found the ultimate bag for you. It is the fanciest bucket bag ever! Made of perforated leather in brown colour, with a long strap perfect for wearing it either over the shoulders or just on one.

  5. Tory Burch Marion Crochet Straw Saddlebag

    I would definitely wear this one as a clutch and as a handbag with straps. The straps of this bag are woven, combined with soft leather and little metal chains in between. It is designed so that it can be easily worn as a clutch if you do not fill it with all kinds of stuff and be forced to use the straps.

  6. The Weekend Bag by H&M

    H&M is always here to save the day; busy travelers, mommies on the run, adventurists and street stylers on a mission, meet your new favourite accessory. This weekend bag is large enough to fit the entire mommy arsenal of diapers, bottles, wipes and extra clothes. It has a couple of compartments and that is why it is very suitable for short destination travels.

  7. Eliana Leather Cross Body Bag By Condura

    This is also a two way bag: a clutch and over the shoulder handbag thanks to its straps. It comes in brown colour and combines all the important elements: clean lines, leather material and a magnetic flap closure for a timeless chic accessory.

  8. The Hermes Tote

    It is called a heritage bag for a reason: it is the type of bag your grandmother would pass on your mother and she would pass it to you. In one word – timeless elegance. I can definitely agree with the claim that every stylish woman should have at least one bag that she will pass on to the next generation, and the Hermes along with Birkin and Kelly are just that.

  9. Prada Saffiano

    You know those moments when you are ready to go out but you hate that your entire outfit is too dark, boring and monocoloured? Well, the colourful Prada bag is here to fix that; available in a variety of bright colours, this bag is an accessory by itself.

  10. The Vince Camuto ‘Small Zigy’ Crossbody bag

    This is the bag you go for when you want to have something classy, fancy and city-trendy for your perfect nights out. Whether you need it for a disco night when you plan on dancing all night, for a dinner in a fancy restaurant, or just for drinks with your friends in a cool club, the Vince Camuto ‘Small Zigy’ cross-body bag is always a good choice.