Update Your Fall Wardrobe With Richly Textured Bags

Think of this: perfectly clutched on your cozy sofa with a glass of wine keeping you company along with some jazzy sounds on a normal week day. Add to this your cute laptop with the browser on handbags listings, attractive prices and a will for shopping…every woman’s dream, indeed. The perks you get with every online order just make the whole experience a lot more appealing: with the two to five day delivery to your home, you don’t need to make a single move. And now the fun part ladies – the vast choice of handbags you can get online. Think you will not find anything interesting? You are so wrong. Rebecca Minkoff, Tory Birch, and Loeffler Randall! And I’m just scratching the surface here.

As seasons change, so does the wardrobe layout in your closet; all summer pieces go to bed and your fall wardrobe is ready for blasting the golden autumn ambiance in the city. Believe me, I know the feeling you get when you see your old/new warm wardrobe; thrilled that you are going to make a change and excited that you will get to combine it with all the latest accessories and create a whole new autumn look with your old clothes! Let’s put aside the fancy scarves, necklaces, bracelets and hats; this post is going to concentrate on handbags – which are the best choice to add life, warmth and colour to the autumn darkish fashion.

The Winona Leather Handbag by Condura

Honestly, you don’t need to be a rocker girl with all the dark mood and aura around you to pull the perfect black leather and white shirt look. Rock and Roll has evolved from a music stream into a whole style inspiration area for women of different style orientations. A large leather handbag, like the Winona Leather by Condura will be the perfect addition to your rock-style combination.


Milly Logan Haircalf Convertible Top-Handle Bag

Start with this fancy leopard pattern by Milly Logan. Autumn is all about black, beige, red and other neutral colours and the accent will be on the monocoloured combinations without much colour splash and distractions. And of course jeans. Jeans go well with everything. Here’s how:


Rebecca Minkoff Velvet Love Shoulder Bag

Red is kind of a rule in fashion; you must have at least one red piece in your wardrobe; whether it’s a cardigan, a jumper, a jacket, a dress or a fancy little shoulder bag from Rebecca Minkoff! As I said, a lot of colours on you is like you are trying to defy fashion laws and beg to be marked as a fashion delinquent! But, just a small splash of red on a black and white combination for a night out or for simply enjoying the city view with a cup of coffee is just perfect.


Tommy Hilfiger Sharon Embossed Python Shopper Tote

For the ladies who enjoy silk, satin, expensive leather pieces, expensive scarves and even more expensive jewelry; enjoying in sea-side expensive restaurants, going out in fancy clubs and sleeping in fabulous hotels, this bag is the IT bag. It screams all the luxury you love to enjoy in and it instantly grabs the spotlight in any room you enter. This bag has the power to say about you everything the world needs to know: you are a lady with a high-class attitude.

Vince Camuto Ilya Tote

Even though there are girls that prefer certain styles (rock, elegant, hipster style) eventually everyone gets the need to go for the casual look. You know, just a pair of jeans combined with a nice blouse and a jacket. This would be you running errands around town, paying bills, shopping, doing anything that needs to be done fast, effective and finished by the end of the day. For such moments Vince Camuto offers the Ilya Tote: black and super stylish because of the two materials used: leather handles and base and a body made of grayish wool. It has a silver hanging logo and lining on the top. Now when I say it out loud, this bag fits in more than just one casual outfit, doesn’t it?