A Thrill Not to Miss – the Rewarding Purpose of Gardening

Whether you plan on growing your own organic food, save money on groceries, or simply want a nice curb appeal booster, there are so many reasons to start gardening. Nevertheless, there is an underlying theme that connects them all. The biggest incentive to design a garden in most cases is the genuine and unstoppable love for gardening. Love for growing tomatoes struck with blossom end rot, love for the begonias that whither out, love for every single plant growing on your lot.


There’s no need for crying over a garden that fails to thrive or develop the way you want it too. When that happens, it always helps to remember the purpose of gardening. Just take a walk around your garden, and take in all the gifts it presents you with – the refreshing scents in the air, the gorgeous colours, the lively birds and butterflies. After a few minutes spent revelling in its majestic beauty, it’s much easier to jump into weeding, watering or any other general gardening task without any difficulty.


Without a doubt, the key to having a beautiful garden is starting with a smart and detailed plan. This involves everything from planting and designing, to the type of soil and other general gardening procedures, such as watering, fertilizing, weeding, pruning, and deadheading. When planting, it’s important to group plants in zones according to their needs. For instance, drought tolerant plants should go in areas exposed to sunshine throughout the entire day; less tolerant plants require partial shade; and demanding plants should always be near a water source.

When it comes to the soil, the key is to incorporate generous amounts of organic compost rich in nutrients. It’s best to amend the soil before planting so that it encourages proper root growth. To ensure your plants get their needed nutrients, it’s also important to fertilize them regularly. However, you need to be extra careful when doing this because using too much of the solution could burn the roots and reduce their ability to absorb water and minerals. All in all, it’s important to undertake every gardening task with great care to increase your chances of success.

The thing that makes gardening so easy to love, despite the potential risk for failure, is that it can be done by people of all ages. Similar to taking care of a pet, caring for a garden teaches children of the huge importance of being responsible and taking care of a living thing, whereas through the act of gardening, older individuals can gain greater self esteem and other mental benefits.