Auto CPAP Machine: Purpose and Benefits

Sleep apnea a sleep disorder that can be potentially serious. It happens when breathing repeatedly stops and begins. Loud snoring and feeling tired even after a full night of sleep may be the first symptoms of the condition. However, this isn’t something you can self-diagnose and you should always consult a doctor.

One of the methods most people use to relieve this condition is a CPAP machine. But, as technology advances, so do devices. Such is the case with this machine. Today, we have auto CPAP machines that have so many benefits compared to the older models. For instance, now patients don’t have to worry about the pressure and can sleep without waking up and adjusting it.

Using this machine could help you sleep in a quiet environment, and wake up well-rested. These machines can be set at different pressures based on the patient’s needs. The machine’s pressure is monitored and adjusted to breathe easier. If your doctor suggested you to start using it, you’re probably wondering how it works, and how will it improve your sleep. Here’s what you need to know about using APAP machines.

Automated Pressure Adjustment System


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CPAP machines are regulated at constant pressure once they start to work. They can’t change their setting based on your requirements and that is one of the things most people aren’t entirely content with. However, an APAP machine can adjust its pressure just as you need it. It has an advanced algorithm so it can pinpoint the exact pressure you need. If the machine detects that you need more pressure, it will automatically raise the pressure level. On the other hand, if it detects that you’re in a relaxed state and you don’t need more pressure, it will reduce it without any manual control. This is a great feature because you won’t have to worry about it while sleeping.

Technologically Advanced


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As time goes by, technology progresses and APAP machines aren’t left behind. If you decide to buy an APAP machine, you’ll see that it uses the power of auto titration. This means it breathes with you. It uses its auto-set advanced algorithm and can precisely calculate your breathing pattern and set the pressure to match your needs. The technology in an auto CPAP machine is so advanced that it can measure the precise level of noise while snoring and can identify your sleeping position. One of the great things about it is that it’s lightweight and easily transportable. You no longer have to worry about whether you’ll be able to sleep if you have to travel for work or pleasure.

Improvements in Sleeping


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Many people who suffer from daytime sleepiness should upgrade their device. Sleeping for seven or eight hours at night is crucial for a healthy life. But, when your sleep cycle is interrupted because the CPAP machine is waking you (it’s too loud, the pressure is too low or too high), then it’s natural that you wake up tired. Using an auto CPAP will help you go to bed without worrying about anything. You won’t have to wake up in the middle of the night to adjust the pressure.

Sound Level


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Snoring is a very unpleasant sound, and if you’re sharing your bed with a partner, you already know that they don’t like it. In fact, it can be so bad, that it could affect your relationship. If your partner isn’t able to sleep peacefully in a quiet room, things may go south. Now, to reduce snoring, you got your CPAP machine, but that too was so loud, that your partner barely got any sleep.

Finally, the APAP machine is designed in a way to not disturb your or partner’s sleep. It’s significantly quieter than the CAPA. The well-adjusted exhalation ports reduce the sound level of the machine. Even if you aren’t sharing the bed with anyone, you’ll greatly benefit from a quiet machine.

Sleeping Positions


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Many patients have positional apnea. This means that the apnea becomes worse in certain sleeping positions. It may worsen because of paralysis of muscles during REM sleep. Other factors are sedating meditation, congestion, alcohol intake, muscle fatigue, mask leak and testosterone replacement therapy.

Testosterone replacement therapy may worsen the disordered breathing. These patients need an increase in PAP pressure. The apnea will change when they change their therapy. An auto-titrating machine can be useful to meet the pressure demand of the patients. Each of these can contribute to worsening the apnea which can cause severe breathing problems. It can even increase the pressure. Using an APAP will accommodate these changes and adjust the pressure conditions without waking the user.