Beyond a Great Smile: Tooth Implants Serve a Greater Purpose


Dental implants are the biggest game changer in the dentistry over the last few decades. People who are missing teeth no longer need to feel helpless and uncomfortable when smiling. Tooth implants allow for anyone to have the perfect smile in order to boost confidence, help relationships and land job opportunities much easier. Implants are titanium made roots that create a strong core upon which an artificial tooth is integrated. They’re used for replacing multiple lost teeth or a single tooth while preserving the bone loss and facial structure if a tooth is missing for a longer time period.

Finding the best dentist to perform a tooth implant near the area you live should be an easy task. There’s a process that the dentist will take your through in order to find the perfect solution for you, which we’ll talk about in a moment. Tooth implants are a life-time solution and they offer great advantages – aesthetic appearance and comfort being the biggest ones, followed by improved speech (if you previously had speech problems due to bad teeth alignment), easier time chewing solid foods, improved oral health (our body is one big interconnected system – if you have bad oral health it will expand to other parts of the body). Once placed, your tooth implant will most likely last forever (if you take good care of it and your oral hygiene overall).


The Process

  • Getting Informed – Visit your dentist and discuss the procedure. This is a surgery after all, so you might be hesitant. Together with the dentist, go step by step and make sure you understand everything that’s about to go down. You’ll probably get an x-ray and a check up. The dentist will most likely ask you some questions in order to be able to provide the best solution for your situation. The purpose of this step is to locate the problem and determine the number of implants that you’re going to have placed in your cavity.
  • The Surgical Procedure – Your jawbone will be drilled in order for the implant to be placed. When the implant is carefully placed, it will be stitched at the top. And that’s pretty much it, this is a small surgical procedure. You’ll need to take good care of your oral hygiene – wash it properly and be careful what kind of food you eat.
  • Healing Process – This is by far the most important step. Do regular check ups with the dentist to prevent complications. Your gums need to heal completely, so if you feel any kind of pain and experience bleeding from the gums – contact your dentist as soon as possible.
  • Final Step – After the healing process ends, abutment/s will be added on top of the titanium implant and the artificial crown will be added on top of the abutment.