Bring Purpose Back in Life with the Help of Freediving

It’s an interesting phenomenon to think of: being part of the modern day world, where we have almost everything served to us (and by that I mean everything that technology has touched), and yet instead of having it easy in life, it just becomes more and more complex. We get so caught up in our work, errands and problems that we fail to notice time flying by irretrievably. What we don’t realise on time is most of our lives are spent surviving instead of living, so much so that we lose touch with ourselves. This is something nature can help cure, bring back the meaning of life. If you want to get your purpose, consider giving freediving a try.


Just the thought of freediving can scare even the bravest, imagining losing breath, however same as any beginning, you can start slowly, step by step, learning the breathing techniques and how to master them. The essence of freediving is conquering the water depths by holding your breath, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use a mask before you get used to diving deeper without it, combining it with the other bits and pieces of freediving gear for sale. Freediving is like underwater yoga because it brings you to a zen-like state, appreciating the present moment and enjoying the sight of vastness that surrounds you of a world unfamiliar to you.

You can’t expect to be Guillaume Néry right away, it takes a great deal of practice and dedication, but it’s still worth it all when you start breaking your own records and get to explore more of the water depths. Make sure you give freediving gear for sale a good check, and buy the proper wetsuit (it gets colder and colder the deeper you go), fins – either mono or bi, weight system, snorkels and mask. As you begin to get to know more of the underwater world, you’d see fear going away, and the appearance of the wish to conquer more. This kind of experience can be quite the challenge as it makes you discover your own limits, how far you’re prepared to go into the nothingness.


As you get deeper, you learn how to go with the flow, float with the current, preserve your strength and breath for the way back to the surface, and as you do so you find what you’re capable of. So as much as it’s a journey to the oceans, it’s also a journey to your true self, putting your physical and mental stamina to the test. This shows you how to value life more, be mindful of every passing moment, and how to be nature’s friend.