Caravan TV: Enjoy Nature and Never Miss a Game Again

I’m going to be honest with you, as an Australian, my favourite sport to spectate is basketball, even though it’s barely watched by anyone else. I especially love following the NBA, and boy what a season the previous one was. I religiously follow the Cavs, so you can imagine what a rollercoaster of emotions I went through the entire season.


Now before you judge me and label me a bandwagon fan, that’s not really the case. I admit, I did jump on the Cavs train when LeBron was drafted, but I stayed on it even after he left. The seasons before he came back weren’t all that great and we didn’t really accomplish much, but watching Uncle Drew do his magic was good enough reason for me to stay a Cavs fan.

Anyway, I watched every single game, regardless of the circumstances. Even when I was spending time with the missus and friends out in nature camping, I turned on my Caravan 12V TV that I specifically bought to watch the games on when I went on camping trips. It was pretty simple really, every time the Cavaliers played – it was “me time”.


The Caravan 12V TV I bought wasn’t as big as the one I had at home though (not like I had much space at my disposal in the caravan anyway) but it was around 24 inches HD LED, which was good enough for me. But more importantly, it had 3 HDMI inputs and a one-touch digital auto tune remote. I could plug in my laptop in the TV screen if the game wasn’t televised, so I could watch it online through the NBA pass on a bigger screen than the one of my 15 inch laptop.

Moreover, I could plug in my headphones so I didn’t disturb anyone since the games were mainly early in the morning in Aussie time. Plus, it it has the option to pause, rewind and record, so I got all the important and exciting moments saved to watch them any time I wanted to.

It just happened so I was out camping the last 3 games of the finals. The biggest come-back in the history of the game. Nobody ever threw a 3-1 lead, and to think that Golden State had a 72-9 score in the regular season, that was a record breaker itself. I was so excited and scared at the same time. And man did LeBron and the team deliver. Game 7 was the best game of basketball I’ve ever watched in my entire life, and I think I speak for all Cavs fans that nobody was left unmoved when we ended and the championship was finally brought to Ohio.