Cellular Blinds: Excellent Features Mirrored in the Hexagonal Structure

cellular blindsThe natural world tends to be very chaotic, but then you run into something like the honeycomb. Since ancient times scholars and philosophers have admired and wondered about the hexagonal structure of the honeycomb beehive. It is one of the most stable structures in nature and it can be found in plants, animals, and human cells. It is believed that the first man-made honeycomb structure was made 3000 years ago by the Greek builder Daedalus. This type of structure provides a material with minimal density, high compression and shear properties. Because of that it has found many uses in a wide range of industries including aerospace, construction and the automotive industry.

As of recently, this hexagonal cellular structure found its way in our homes too. Honeycomb blinds, also called cellular blinds, are one of the best solutions for your windows. These fabric blinds stack like an accordion and when you pull them down and turn them sideways you can see the beautiful honeycomb structure. You can find a great variety cellular blinds Australia wide that will enhance your home décor and also provide great insulation, light control, sound absorption and much more. Here are some of the many benefits of cellular blinds in more detail.cellular blinds australia

  • Cellular blinds provide your home with excellent insulation thanks to the pockets of stationary air that gets trapped within each cell. They keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This means that they are very energy efficient since you use less energy to heat or cool your rooms. Also, using less energy means that you are emitting less harmful substances in the air which makes cellular blinds an eco-friendly option.
  • Another great feature of cellular blinds is light control. You can choose from a variety of different fabrics ranging from semi-opaque light-filtering to opaque light-blocking for maximum light control. You can either completely block the sun for media rooms or bedrooms or you can allow light to enter your room while keeping your privacy.
  • Cellular blinds are very practical and easy to use. You can choose a cordless option for child safety. Having no cords makes them perfect for spaces used by children since they cant get entangled in the cord.
  • If aesthetics is your primary concern there is no need to worry. Cellular blinds are available in a variety of colours and they will look fabulous in any room. Also they practically disappear when you stack them and you can hide them behind decorative curtains.

All this and the fact that they are one of the more cost effective option, are the reasons behind the increase in popularity of cellular blinds Australia wide.