EMF Meters – Purpose, Types & Working Principle

Introduction to EMF Meter

EMF meter is a test and measurement instrument that is used in various industrial applications for detecting problems in electrical wiring and power lines. The EMF meter gives information about the work flow in the electromagnetic field by measuring the electromagnetic radiation flux density (DC). Furthermore, this instrument can track the changes in the electromagnetic field that happen over certain period of time (AC fields).


It is a common knowledge that there are two types of current with which the electromagnetic fields are created – direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC). The EMF meters measure the electromagnetic fields that are produced by AC current. To make it more clear, it’s the type of current that surges through electrical devices we use everyday, such as the TV and microwave.

Main characteristic of the alternating current that creates the electromagnetic field that the EMF measures is that this type of current moves in two directions up to sixty times in a minute, whereas the direct current is static and can not be measured by most of the EMF models industrial workers use.

Types of EMF Meters

All EMF Australia suppliers offer the two main types of EMF meter: single axis and tri-axis. The single axis can measure the EMF in one direction, whereas the tri-axis EMF meter measures the electromagnetic field in three axis.

Although the tri-axis meters give faster and more accurate results, they tend to be much more expensive than the singe axis meters. According to EMF Australia manufacturers and suppliers, for the reason that the single axis meters are cheaper, they are most commonly used types in industrial applications.

Working Principle Of The Emf Meter

The EMF meter detects issues in the electromagnetic field by measuring changes in the amount of electric or magnetic energy that flows in the field that is being measured. This is done with the highly-sensitive components which are part of the structure of this test and measurement instrument. According to the fluctuations in the amount of electric or magnetic energy (if there are any), the EMF meter can indicate existent issues in the work of the electrical wiring and power lines. This way bigger problems can be prevented and proper work flow in the industrial sites is ensured.