The Purpose of Engineered Oak Flooring

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For everyone looking to add beauty and value to their home, nothing comes close to hardwood. It’s one of the most desired features of a house, and for very good reasons too. Unlike carpeting, which is a magnet for germs, dirt and pet hair, wood floors are easy to clean, paint and refinish. And as opposed to laminate and other imitation floors, wood floors hold the promise of longevity and at the same time give your interior a sense of warmth and timelessness.

However, besides these amazing benefits, wood floors also come with a high price tag which makes them unattainable for many. And if you can somehow afford cladding your floors in genuine wood, there’s still the fact that it is a hassle to install and in humid areas of the house, like the kitchen and bathroom, it can be prone to warping and damage. Luckily, there’s good news! There is an option out there that comes with all the pros of hardwood, but at a fraction of the price – engineered wood flooring.

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Engineered wood floors have the charming look of real wood, because they are just that. Their boards are constructed of several thin layers of wood fused together in a cross-ply manner that alternates layer placement in order to prevent contraction and expansion. This manufacturing process is what makes engineered wood floors more affordable than solid wood. What’s more, the engineered alternative also comes with a wider selection of wood types and integrated finishes. Love the luxurious look of oak, but simply can’t afford to cover your floors in it? – Engineered oak flooring is here to the rescue!

Of all the choices today, oak is the one that outshines every type of wood. Oak flooring is one of those floors that improve with age, like good wine. If you take good care of it, over the years you can notice how its texture gradually improves and the floor starts to assume a richer colour. Thanks to its attractive grain, engineered oak looks very clean and expensive. Taking into account the fact that oak is very resistant to scratches and hard-wearing, this floor is a prime choice for areas with frequent traffic.

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Another advantage of engineered oak flooring is that it can be installed on all levels and in all rooms of the home because it’s resistant to humidity. Finally, you can have that rich oak look you always wanted in the kitchen as well, without having to worry that about warping. All in all, if your priority is getting a high-quality floor with the timeless look of wood but at a reasonable price, then engineered oak flooring will surely exceed your expectations.