Few Tricks to Help You Container Garden Flourish

With the new models of patio planter pots, gardening has received a whole new meaning. If few years earlier for this project you needed a lot of space, today almost anything can be grown in a planter. All you need is a love for planting, a little bit of your time and more importantly – the right planters. The right type of planters will do 50% of the job, so if you have a busy lifestyle, but still want to try your gardening skills you need to put a great effort in making the right selection. In addition, here are few tricks that will make your gardening project more enjoyable and efficient.


Choose the Planters Wisely

Before you even start with the project ,you need to put some more effort in selecting the right containers. What is important to consider is the life span of the planters. If consider gardening as a short-term project, you can buy just anything you like, otherwise you need patio planter pots that are built to last. Gardening requires time, so the fact that most of us live busy lifestyle makes self-watering patio planter pots very popular and preferred choice. They offer a lot of benefits and are especially great for people who are beginners in gardening since they make watering very easy while keeping all nutrients inside the soil.

Sterilize the Planters

For both traditional pots and self-watering planters you need to make sure that all surfaces are clean before plant your flowers. This is an especially important consideration if you are buying second-hand containers. For cleaning them, use only environmentally friendly cleaners. When you are done with scrubbing, rinse them thoroughly and let them dry before planting.

Make a Plan

Making a plan is important. First of all, you need to determine the place where you will put the planters. This depends from the type of flowers you want to plant. Some of them require more sun while other need the shade. The best part of container gardening is that you can move the planters whenever you like and find the perfect location. In case you want to plant more plants in one planter, make sure to group them according to similar growing conditions.


Maintaining high plays a vital role in having your flowers beautiful and healthy. If you plant your flowers in traditional containers, any time you will water them the soil will lose some of its nutrients. So, if you want to be sure that the soil will keep the required amount of nutrients in its composition, use self-watering planters. The reservoir full of water will keep your flowers moisturized without losing all important nutrients.

Water Regularly

Some plants require daily watering, some occasionally. However, it is important to ensure they will receive the required amount of water so they can grow in beautiful and healthy plants.
Watering is especially important during summer months. If you cannot make the commitment to water them daily, then self-watering containers are a must. Their water reservoir will keep your flowers moist for a week or two thus making the entire process of growing beautiful plant a whole lot easier.