The Purpose of Details: Add the Final Touch-Ups to Your Heavenly Bathroom

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Details really matter even when it comes to building or renovating a bathroom. During this process, you would probably be more focused on the large items like the basin, bath, toilet, shower, vanity, the taps and the overall bathroom plan. However, the smaller details can play a big role in the functionality of the bathroom too. Just keep in mind the design concept throughout your home so you can extend it in your bathroom as well. When shopping, make sure you choose bath and shower accessories that speak to your style and personality.

Mirror, Mirror

There is a huge variety of mirrors on the market today and a lot of people neglect their transformative importance. You can choose from a great variety of shapes, such as round, oval or even scalloped, sizes as well as background LED lighting. If you want to break free from the conventional monotonous shapes, instead of choosing a rectangular mirror, try a mosaic of smaller mirrors. It will be a game-changer in the aesthetics of your bathroom’s design!

Toilet Brush

The toilet brush set often doesn’t get the credit it deserves in a bathroom. Besides serving the obvious primary function of a cleaning tool, did you know that the toilet brush set can also be regarded as a finishing touch complementing the vanity? Made from various exquisite materials such as stoneware and steel, expressed in a soft and minimalistic design language, the design of the toilet brush can be rather innovative. These accessories can be found in various colours, such as royal blue, soft grey or gull grey with the purpose to create beauty, inspire curiosity and challenge convention. Don’t underestimate the flare that a toilet brush set can give to a bathroom thanks to its classy design.


Contemporary, minimal, traditional or quirky, they are all considered the bathroom jewellery and at the same time a great tool to state the style you want to show. They can introduce some whimsy to a plain room too. Keep in mind to choose handles that are not made of an exposed metal so you won’t run the risk of them rusting in a couple of months due to the humid environment.

Hand Towel Rails

We all know that large towel rails are fixtures for mats and bath towels, but don’t forget about the cute little hand towels that you can put on small rings or rails. It’s good to know where you want to place them from the very beginning of your bathroom renovation so that you don’t ruin your tiles later on.