Finding My Purpose in Nature Without Too Much Nature

Half a year ago, I set an intention to find my life’s true vocation. A career in accounting didn’t seem to do it for me as I was slowly, but surely developing the first signs of depression. 90% of all online sources I read on the topic stated that a person in my situation needs to spend more time in nature so that a true answer could unfold in the heart, mind and soul.

RV Accessories

The problem however, was nested in my inability to feel comfortable in nature. Where others see mesmerizing landscape, I see potential danger. Insects are my number one concern, but that’s not where it all ends. I can’t help but feel a strong desire to take my house in the middle of some forest and just peek through the window and go outside only when I feel safe. I have always cultivated most sincere respect for every inhabitant of this planet, but animals have never made it on my “let’s get together” list. Luckily, with a little help of my friends, now I have the chance to get the best of both worlds: A camper who has it all in the middle of the wild unknown.

Investing in an RV and all the essential and some even not so essential RV accessories is what had the power to reconstruct the way I feel when the surroundings lack buildings, houses and all concrete. What’s more, I learned that far more dangerous things lurk in a busy city rather than in the open air surrounded by revitalizing greenery. Being able to hear your own thought and reassurance of a few close friends is little by little helping me grow as a person and plan my next move mindfully and thoroughly.

Having all the convenience one can get on a camping trip – a safe place to sleep and the ability to cook delicious meals and maintain personal hygiene is the kind whisper of home I longed for, something I had never felt when hiking or camping in a tent. Yes, I did try to befriend nature many times in the past,m but it usually ended in disaster. As incredibly limited as this may sound to those of you who feel one with all that nature unfolds, I do believe the RV convenience and all RV accessories such as a cook top, a foam floor matting, an awning, sun shades, table and chairs and a comfy camping bed can give a rather exciting twist to the experience. So by blending one with the other, I am continuing my endeavor.