How to Choose the Right Military Jacket

There’s a famous saying that goes: “You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it”. In this day and age, fashion trends are constantly changing, bringing new styles and often returning us to what our fathers were wearing in the past. From the popularity of oversized fashion to boxy puffer jackets, some trends are here to stay, while others might not be around that long. One this is for sure, a military jacket can never be out of style. And you don’t have to be in the air force to take all the advantages that a leather bomber jacket provides.

Whether you’re a part of the air force personnel or you just enjoy shopping from a military shop, nothing can replace the genuine leather construction and classic appearance of a leather army jacket. Plus, these jackets are guaranteed to weather the hands of time for countless years to come. There’re dozens of other styles of leather jackets for sale, but flight jackets seem to be gaining the biggest popularity.

History of Air Force A2 Leather Jacket

The most popular military jacket which glory has been rubbing off on both military persons and civilians for years is the air force A2 leather jacket. It was first introduced by the Army Air Corps of USA in 1931 as the “ Jacket, Flying, Type A-2”. A successor to the Type A-1 flight jackets, the type-2 was designed for open cockpits, which explains the sturdy snaps and reinforced pockets. It featured a collar that could be closed completely to protect the wearer from the wind, and the rather slim, functional cut was ideal for the cramped cockpit.
navy leather jacket

The characteristic design features of the Type A-2 were its front pockets with pointed flaps, the tight, ribbed wool cuffs, the riveted eyelet underneath each armpit, epaulettes (shoulder flaps) and a shirt-like button-down collar. At the time, it was made of seal-brown horsehide and lined with light brown spun silk, which was rather affordable back then. The backs of some jackets sported beautifully painted artwork. With time, the military air force jacket was slightly redesigned, and new materials were discovered for its production. Consequently, the Type A-2 jacket specifications were amended to accept goat leather and cotton linings.

How to Choose the Right Military Jacket for You

The modern military jackets based on the United States WW2 A2 jacket are stylish, functional and high-quality pieces that you can wear everywhere. They feature superior metal fittings and heavy-duty stitching to ensure long wear. The elastic knit waistband and cuffs guarantee comfort with every movement, making this jacket a perfect fit for uniform or casual wear. Modern army jackets are seal brown, with metal pressed studs on the collar and front pockets. They feature two front pockets, two inner pockets and one inner pen pocket. One of the two inner pockets is zipped, providing you safe storage for your valuables.

Make sure to choose a high-quality leather military jacket made from genuine goatskin leather. Softer and more flexible than cowhide, goatskin guarantees that your jacket will weather and age extremely well. Goatskin is one of those rare leathers that look better the more you beat it up. It is renowned for its strength, breathability, and water resistance, as well as its potential to yield a glowing patina. With its characteristic design and double stitched epaulettes, this jacket is not only extremely comfortable, but it’s also perfect if you’re trying to get some runway cred.
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You can find flight jackets available with or without hook-and-loop panels for affixing patches. Some military jackets have been inspected by RAAF and approved for uniform wear by Air Force personnel. When choosing the perfect fit for you, make sure to take your correct measurements. Carefully measure the front and back, as well as the sleeve length, to make sure it fits perfectly. The width to the bottom is also important. Once you choose the perfect military jacket, you might need to learn about a few tips on how to maintain it to last many years to come.

How to Maintain a Leather Bomber Jacket

Whether you wear it as a part of your uniform or just for certain occasions, you might need to take a few basic precautions to protect your jacket from damage. Leather experts recommend conditioning once every two or three months. You need to apply a leather moisturising agent or a leather conditioner to hydrate and protect your leather bomber jacket from dryness.
Leather Bomber Military Jacket

Spot cleaning regularly can also help your jacket to retain its fresh look for many years. When your leather army jacket is dirty, you can use a damp washcloth to blot the stained area until it’s clean. In many cases, you can clean it without using any special soap or detergent. For more stubborn stains, though, you can add a small amount of liquid dish soap.

As with any other piece of clothing, it’s recommended that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the care label of your leather jacket. The label usually contains specific instructions on how to keep the original appearance of your jacket for years. The label is usually located inside the collar or around the bottom interior of your jacket.