Oversized Fashion: How to Wear Oversized Clothes

If you’re a middle-aged adult today, you probably remember how your mum used to dress you in oversized clothing back in the day to make sure you could wear the same clothes even after you went through a growth spurt. If you’re younger, chances are you got to enjoy wearing clothes that were flattering and slim. For the most part, skinny cut menswear has dominated most of the 21st century. As a result, shopping for oversized, long men shirt and jeans has become more difficult. But that doesn’t mean they’re impossible to find. You just have to look harder. With the rise of hip-hop and streetwear clothing, oversized clothes are back on the menu. However, nowadays you’ll turn a few heads down the street if you wear oversized clothing without knowing how to. So how do you make the oversized trend work?

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(Un)Fit for the Occasion

While the oversized fashion trend is in full swing, it’s not something you should try to pull off in every occasion. Oversized clothing should be reserved for more casual and relaxed occasions. While you can also pull it off for semi-smart looks, you should generally avoid it. If you plan on wearing a long men shirt, you have to make sure it fits on the shoulders and is the right arm length and waist length.

Oversized Doesn’t Equal Big

There are many people who think buying clothes a size or two larger than what they normally wear means that they’re pulling the oversized look off. This can’t be further than the truth. Oversized clothing is specifically designed to be oversized in the right places, like waist or shoulders. Buying clothes that are too big will make you look like a schoolboy who hasn’t grown into their uniform yet.

Balanced, as All Things Should Be
If you aren’t fashion-savvy, you should avoid going all-in on any trend, and especially the oversized trend. Wearing oversized clothes can backfire quickly, especially if you’re going all out. For that reason, look to find some balance by wearing a slimmer garment. For instance, if you wear an oversized jacket, wear a more fitted shirt and slim jeans. The same goes for wearing oversized jeans – make sure your tee or jacket are a slim fit. However, avoid super skinny clothes, as the contrast will just look out of place.

Wearing Oversized Tees

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Wearing Oversized Tees

Streetwear is considered high-fashion, so it’s easy to see why baggy, oversized tees are now considered high-fashion. Minimal and neutral tees are recommended, as long as you balance the rest of your wardrobe. The conventional rules about the shirt’s sleeve hitting the mid of your bicep don’t apply here. Some tees fall as low as the elbow. You can roll the sleeves a bit to the hem in order to avoid your arms looking too weedy.

Wearing Oversized Hoodies

If you like wearing oversized clothing, you probably love wearing oversized hoodies. Everyone in the hip hop world who’s a “fashion expert” wears one. Black hoodies are the most popular ones as they hide the shadows from the rounder parts of your body, so when people look at you, they only notice the shape of the fabric. Graphic and logoed hoodies work, but unless you’re a hypebeast, try to keep them to a minimum. Be careful though, oversized hoodies shouldn’t be worn for smart-casual occasions, so they work best with other casual pieces like sneakers.

Wearing Oversized Jumpers

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Wearing Oversized Jumpers

Oversized jumpers are the easiest piece to wear. After all, who can blame you for wanting to stay warm and cozy through the winter? It’s the second line of defence under your jacket, and it’s easy to work colour and patterns into it than other pieces of clothing. If you wear an attention-catching jumper, make sure you keep it balanced with simple trousers that aren’t too skinny and aren’t too wide. Plus, you can get a roll neck jumper or a crew neck. Roll neck jumpers can feel very warm and inviting when the weather is harsh.

Wearing Oversized Shirts

Oversized shirts should be generally avoided. They don’t look great, and unless you don’t care, you shouldn’t wear them. If you’re a fan, however, just get a plaid or patterned shirt over the top of a simple tee and roll the sleeves up. Just make sure you combine it with some denim on the bottom. You can pull off wearing a longline shirt with a slim-fit jacket to emphasis the length of the shirt. The same applies to wearing jumpers. if your shirt fabric is trying to get an eye from below, keep the shirt the same colour as the jumper. If you’ve got your eyes on an oversized short-sleeve shirt, look for one with a Cuban collar, as they have that “holiday” look that never goes out of fashion, and combine it with wider trousers.