Hypnotherapy – Purpose, Techniques And Benefits

Hypnotherapy. An abnormal phenomenon or a real and effective alternative-medicine treatment? People take hypnotherapy for granted, mostly because there are still no written medical and scientific proofs of the healing effects of alternative medicine. But, the truth is that hypnotherapy has helped many beat the chronic pain and bad habits like smoking.


Hypnotherapy Explained

As an alternative-medicine practice, hypnotherapy involves multiple mind-body techniques based on the concept that emotional and mental factors can influence the human physical health. In other words, hypnotherapy is based on suggestion. The therapist leads the patient to a state of trance, but the most fascinating thing is that the patient is not unconscious and does not lose control over his/her faculties. It is the patient that decides what suggestions will be accepted and how deep the trance will be.

Although it seems quite unreal and abnormal, according to those who have tried hypnosis and experts in hypnotherapy in Melbourne and rest of the country, hypnotherapy is a helpful method for treating many health conditions.

Addictive Habits – Hypnotherapy is effective in treating addictions like smoking, alcohol, drugs and gambling. Many have tried patches and gums but have ditched tobacco smoking for good only after trying hypnotherapy. Effective techniques that are usually applied to break addictive habits are regression, Neuro-linquistic programming and Ericksonian therapy. Growing number of practitioners in hypnotherapy in Melbourne and other Australia’s major cities is a proof that hypnotherapy actually works.

Excessive Stress And Anxiety – Anxiety attacks are a common problem of the modern world due to hectic life we live today. Statistics show that one of the biggest factors for anxiety is job stress. Patients whose bodies are constantly in a high alert state, turn to hypnotherapy where thanks to a stress-management, de-stressing technique, they are put in a deep state of relaxation. This way the body and the mind have the chance to recuperate, repair and heal from excessive stress. The ultimate goal is to learn how to deal with stress in the future.

Chronic Pain – Pain syndromes like headaches, fibromyalgia, arthritis and migraines can be efficiently treated with hypnotherapy, when no other medicine or treatment seems to work. This is usually achieved by applying an effective pain management technique (which includes self-hypnosis sessions).

Behavior Patterns – Hypnotherapy has also helped people change their behavior patterns, such as difficulty controlling anger. Usually, these are the people that easily get irritated and angry. Through suggestion, old mental messages are replaced with new ones which train the mind to act in a new, different and appropriate way.

Other conditions that hypnotherapy can help with are:

  • Depression;
  • Recovering Buried Memories;
  • Curing Sleep Disorders;
  • Losing Weight;
  • Asthma;
  • Healing Phobias;
  • Particular Skin Disorders.

Source: WholeMindStrategy