Personality Home Makeover: The Purpose of Implementing Scandinavian Style on a Budget


It’s not always easy to make the most of your interior décor when your budget is in the way, I’m sure you’d agree with me; you find yourself in a situation of not having the chance to do a makeover when you want to so instead of feeling comfort at home you end up feeling annoyed to say the least.

If this sounds familiar great news is you can still have the makeover you want even when your budget is tight by adding a little Scandinavian touch. The Scandinavian home furniture is known for the durability thanks to the quality of natural materials, such as oak and walnut, and techniques of European craftsmanship.

Considering its luxury stems from its simplicity instead of ornaments typical of formality you’d be able to find furniture pieces in affordable prices that fit within your budget.

Likewise, the Scandinavian home furniture fits well with any style you combine it with taking into account how timeless it is so even if you buy just a piece or two, like a coffee table or a couple of armchairs, you’d still be able to pull off a harmonious makeover.

Bearing in mind the characteristics of Scandinavian style, you could take the interior changes to a higher level relying on the help of minimalism. This means it’s time to clear out all the extras, the clutter from your abode both in the form of items just scattered around and from a visual point of view.

Additionally, use colours to your advantage since this style is all about brightness. This explains why the primary choices should be whites, greys, neutral pinks, pastels like soft blue and earthy tones as they all make for a warm and comfortable ambiance.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun with contrasts to add a bit of drama counting on decorating elements such as artwork and textiles in black, yellow or purple for example; yes, a splash of colour is acceptable in modern Scandinavian décor, it’s not all neutral!

It’s no secret Scandinavians draw inspiration from nature (how can they not when they have such rich landscapes!) which goes to show greenery is another component you’d expect to find in Scandinavian homes.

The lesson to be learned from this is apart from using plants and their foliage as your main decoration, feel free to use the green colour as well knowing it works great with natural furniture pieces.

One can’t speak of nature without emphasising the focus on light. What makes Scandinavian interiors so warm and welcoming is how the natural light is incorporated with the décor which makes the rooms seem airy; the way to go about this is to choose translucent fabrics for the window treatments as the shades and where there’s a lack of window use the help of mirrors to reflect light.