Kitchen: How to Transform the Most Purposeful Space in Your Home

The kitchen is one of the busiest areas in the home and a focal point for all things family and food. As the heart of the home, it sets the tone for the entire house. Therefore, the accessories used must meet every aspect of your daily life. Effective kitchen design is the process of combining layout, design details, surfaces and appliances to form a space that’s easy to use and fun to cook in. Getting the designers kitchen of your dreams may seem like a tough mission, but actually, it can be very simple if you consider a few important aspects.

Before you start planning your brand-new kitchen, first decide what your needs are. Do you want to simply give your kitchen a facelift, or opt for a remodelling? When it comes to designing your kitchen, every little section of it is equally important. Focus on areas in need of attention and slowly move to the tiniest details to complete the look.

Choose Modern Kitchen Fittings

modern kitchen

The choice of your kitchen fittings, such as taps and sinks, are some of the most vital elements that can help make or break the whole functionality of the space. There’s a wide range of materials, sizes and styles and if selected carefully, you can get your designers kitchen and turn daily tasks such as washing, fruits, cutting vegetables and food preparation into a simple and enjoyable experience.

Kitchen Sink

This is the most important feature to consider as it can easily affect the look and functionality of your kitchen. In the past few years, sink manufacturing technology has developed many new styles and configurations of sinks for the kitchen. The most popular sink types you can find in any kitchen warehouse these days are stainless steel and granite sinks.

Stainless steel is a very flexible material and the staple of modern kitchen designs. It provides a sleek, minimalistic look and can be found in a variety of finishes. The greatest advantage of this material is the ability to survive high impact, heat, rust and corrosion. The even finish and smooth surface of stainless steel sinks hardly develop stains or bad odour and germs and is very easy to clean.

kitchen sink

Granite kitchen sinks, on the other hand, are highly resistant to scratches and can withstand extreme heat, abrasion and chemical weathering. After an intense dishwashing session, you can clean the surface with a sponge and mild detergent to prevent stains, bacteria and germs. Granite is strong and durable and is available in many different colours and finishes.

Ergonomics plays a huge role in your kitchen design, so make sure you choose the right mounting options, whether you prefer an under mount or top mount sink, get the heights right and ensure enough space for comfortable movement around it.

Kitchen Tapware

A good kitchen tapware is more than just a supply of water, it’s the signature of your kitchen design. If chosen right, your kitchen tap can enrich the aesthetics and the functionality of the space. There’s a wide range of kitchen mixer taps to choose from, available in a variety of finishes, shapes and sizes.

Depending on your personal preferences, you can select solid brass construction with polished chrome finish, stainless steel or go for a minimalist streamline design and choose a matte black finish. As mentioned before, stainless steel is easy to maintain and clean and is resistant to heat, rust and corrosion. The solid brass kitchen tap is a high quality and durable option and a classic, timeless choice, while matte finishes don’t reflect light and don’t show fingerprints.

kitchen tapware

If you’re building a new kitchen, you’ll have the freedom on building the plumbing scheme and get any tap you want, but if there’s pre-existing plumbing, you’ll have to know how the sink is built and how many holes are cut into the base and on the surface. This will help you figure out if you need a wall mounted tap or one built on the sink.

There are many options, and some of the most popular ones are a three-piece tap set, mixer tap and pull-out kitchen taps. The three-piece tap set allows you to control the water flow and the temperature by a separate handle and is often considered as a more traditional design. As the opposite of it, the mixer tap features a modern kitchen tapware design where the temperature and the water flow are controlled by a specially designed single lever.

Pull-out kitchen taps are a combination of functionality and modern design and make every kitchen task much easier. They allow you to control the water with only one hand and rinse fruits and veggies easily and wash dishes without water spilling all over the sink. They’re also known as spray kitchen taps, available in various designs.

Sink Accessories

Kitchen sinks can be equipped with many different items to be more functional and easier to use. You can choose sink accessories to meet your needs in terms of both comfort and safety. From chopping boards and colanders to drainer trays and baskets and soap dispensers to utilise your kitchen sink to its full potential.

sink accessories

Water Filters

Consider purchasing a water filter to get spring-quality water. There are many options to choose from, whether you want to use it for your water mains or rainwater. Apart from eliminating harmful bacteria, it will keep your dishes cleaner and extend the lifetime of your appliances.

Get Your Kitchen Layout Right

kitchen layout

Choosing the sink before you begin the kitchen renovation is important because it allows you to design your kitchen layout around it and ensure optimal and functional use of space for your daily needs. To achieve the ultimate enjoyment of your kitchen space, as well as ease of use, consider the placement of appliances as an important factor in the process.

Choosing the design, size and style of worktops, cupboards, handles and hinges can also help sort out the right layout of the room, but don’t overlook kitchen light fixtures, as well as pantries, waste bins, storage organisers, and kitchen utensils. All of them are equally important to increase functionality and the overall look and feel of your kitchen.