Outdoor Footwear for Men: the Purpose of Hiking Boots

Although not every type of boot is strictly worn in the situations and settings it is made for, a good rule of thumb is to at least be aware of their capabilities and core benefits. This is useful to know as in some situations we tend to wear what looks good on us instead of what is needed, and hiking boots are a good example of that. Most people wear them simply because they like their rugged look but there’s so much more to them.

outdoor footwear for men


Since hiking is done in areas where the terrain is filled with all kinds of obstacles, from rocks and thorns to water and mud, hiking boots offer the ultimate protection. They have a waterproof lining to keep water from entering and their upper part is made to protect the entire foot without making your feet smell bad. The soles of this kind of outdoor footwear for men are made of rubber which absorbs shocks when hiking, protecting your feet from injuries. Some hiking boots are made of materials that let water enter but dry faster afterwards. While not often recommended, these can come in handy when walking down a stream of water during a hot summer’s day.


In order to climb up and get down from uneven terrain you need adequate grip and hiking shoes have that at their forefront. The soles of this type of outdoor footwear for men are made with enough thread which has better friction preventing you from falling and potentially injuring yourself. Some are reinforced with shanks for an even better grip – some shanks are metallic but standard hiking boots are reinforced with plastic ones. Hiking outdoor footwear for men comes with crampons that also add more friction and a better grip. Rubber also adds to the amount of friction that a hiking boot has.

Support & Sturdiness

Hiking boots also relieve your ankles from any strain that might occur due to carrying a heavy load. The stiffer midsoles of hiking boots allow for more stability when hiking on an uneven trail and the upper part provides extra support while walking. They won’t create any blisters on your feet and will not restrict your movement. Thanks to the support embedded on the sides of the boots, they offer you the utmost balance when carrying a heavy backpack. Their tongue also increases the level of support they provide you while walking, while their insoles help you keep your balance when climbing up a mountain.