The Peace Lily – a Gorgeous Houseplant with Remarkable Communication Skills

Usually, by the time most houseplants show symptoms of neglect, it is already too late to do something about that and save them. However, that’s not the case with the peace lily. This magnificent plant can be easily revived as if nothing happened. This doesn’t mean that the plant looks tough and rugged though, on the contrary – come spring time, it blooms with gorgeous white bract flowers. It droops when it is thirsty, it revives rather quickly, and it can thrive under fluorescent lights. What’s more to ask? You might want to hire this hard worker to bring in some freshness in both your home and office.

Peace Lily

People love the peace lily houseplant for very good reasons. Caring for it is pretty straightforward as it thrives in normal indoor temperatures. When it needs watering, it sags a bit but then it quickly revives after you have tended to its needs. Furthermore, it is pest-free and it thrives best in light conditions leaning towards the dark side, which also means that it is the perfect plant for bedrooms, offices or hospital rooms. Its beautiful white bracts can last from a few weeks to two months in the spring. If you take really good care of it – it may bloom in the fall as well.

These stunning plants prefer shade with some indirect light coming in. I’d say the perfect spot to place a peace lily would be one that’s about 2 meters away from a south- or west-facing window. If you notice your plant’s leaves are yellowing, they have brown spots or streak, that might be a sign that it gets more sunlight than it needs. If that happens, just move the plant a bit farther from the window or choose a less-sunny spot for it. If its leaves remain brown even in the new less-sunny location, they might need misting. Peace lilies also do good under fluorescent light only without any sunlight at all – they usually need 16 hours a day under the lights.


Also, when planted in high planters, the extra-large versions of the peace lily houseplant look fantastic, adding a chic, modern vibe to your space. If you decide to go with the bigger size though, bear in mind that you’ll also need to spend some extra time dusting and keeping the leaves clean, which honestly is a small price to pay for the radiant beauty that this plant will add to your room.