Portable Jump Starter – Purpose, Use And Safety Tips

Whether you plan to camp for few days or are organizing a one-day adventure, portable jump starters can help. Don’t let a dead car battery ruin your entire camping trip. Instead carry your portable jump starter with you. Can you think of a better source of portable 12V power for your camping equipment? Probably not. Plus, it’s easy to carry around. Portable jump starter is a 12 volt lead acid battery that jump starts all kinds of camping gadgets, cars and other large petrol and diesel engines.



The sole purpose of portable jump starter is to power 12-volt accessories. Due to its portability, this source of power can be used even in the middle of nowhere. Especially useful for charging various camping accessories such as portable fridges, ice boxes, phones, camping lights, high-tech gadgets and many other camping, kitchen and electronic devices. Definitely the best multi-purpose power source available on the market. It can be used to inflate tires, camping beds, give life to heavy-duty tools, vehicles and many other machines and devices.


Beside its obvious usage for recharging a dead vehicle battery, portable jump starters are also used for charging various 12 volt camping devices as well. If you want to make your camping experience a pleasant one, then a portable jump starter is a must have. Jump starters are also commonly used for jump starting military vehicles when there is no other power source. Even if there is no power at all, you can still depend on this powerful charging device.

Safety Tips

As is the case with any product manufactured today, jump starters too come with an owner’s booklet with manufacturer’s recommendations regarding safety, maintenance and use. It’s best to read the owner’s manual cover to cover, before you turn the portable jump starter on. If you follow the instructions included in the manual, you will reduce the risk of unwanted accidents. Here’s what else you should do to prolong the life span of your portable jump starter and avoid serious injuries.

  • It is advisable to wear protective glasses when working with lead-acid batteries.

  • Make sure you use the starter in places that are not reachable to kids.

  • Lead acid batteries are flammable, so make sure you do not smoke nor use matches or cigarette lighters near this device.

  • You should never jump start a frozen battery. First, remove the battery from the device, then leave it in a warm place to thaw before charging.