Pressure Pump: Their Purpose and Different Types

pressure pumps

There are certain tools that are just there to make life much easier. Yet, most of them go unnoticed and unappreciated for the great deal of functions they do that make everyday life much easier. Such is the pressure pump. These tools have many purposes, including circulating hot water and making sure cars run smoothly. These tools differ depending on the purpose for which they’re intended.

Before you look for the right pressure pump Australia wide, you need to do a proper research to make sure you invest in one that will satisfy your needs, as buying one can be tricky, especially for homeowners and drivers who are unfamiliar with the basic methods of operating this important piece of equipment. Some basic knowledge on the purpose of pressure pumps and all the different types should be obtained before purchasing one to make sure the best product is bought for each unique situation.

Although there are a few different types of available pressure pump Australia wide, they can be separated into two basic categories – positive displacement and centrifugal. Both types are used for the same purpose, and will produce the same end result, however, they use different methods to do it.

Centrifugal Pressure Pumps

These are also known as velocity pumps and they operate by using flow velocity to convert energy to fluid. You can safely operate these pumps while the valves are closed, and they won’t produce significant pressure build up. Centrifugal pumps are great for use with water, although their efficiency decreases as the viscosity of liquid increases and they aren’t capable of maintaining constant speeds like a positive displacement pump are

Positive Displacement Pumps

Positive displacement pumps trap fixed amounts of liquid before forcing it to discharge into the pipes. Bot the expanding and decreasing cavities allow them to operate at constant speeds. They’re mostly used for pumping water, but are also frequently used to pump a variety of other liquids with a significant amount of sediment.

No matter which type of pressure pump you need, you will surely find it easily on the internet. The best way to find the one you are looking for is to know what you’re actually looking for, whether that’s a positive displacement or a centrifugal pump. While buying one, you have to make sure you are buying from a reputable seller and you need to pay attention to the power source, its basic structure and most basic applications. Conducting a little research before buying will ensure you get your money’s worth.