Protection First: The Purpose of Motorcycles Covers

If you own a motorcycle, or you would like to own one anytime soon, you need to understand that it will require some basic maintenance. You may know how it works and understand the purpose of your motorcycle’s air filter and other components, but you need to make sure you always take proper care of your motorcycle so it will look and perform its best for longer.

As much as you might like to spend a lot of time on your motorcycle, there comes a time when you will need to leave it in the garage, the shed or outside. Motorcycles covers are designed to defend your bike against the harsh Australian weather and protect it from rain, debris and UV exposure. You can choose from lightweight covers for occasional use to heavy-duty covers that work well under full-time pressure.

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Are Motorcycle Covers Worth It?

Motorcycle covers are a large part of basic motorcycle maintenance. They are an excellent accessory to have while owning a motorcycle and for a few reasons. You can find a wide range of motorcycles covers and choose one that suits your motorbike the most. Whether you leave your motorcycle outside or inside, a motorcycle cover can help you protect your bike in many different ways.

Protect Your Motorbike Against Water and Condensation

One of the main reasons that make a motorcycle cover worth it is the protection it provides against water and condensation. When your motorcycle is kept outside, its basic and vital parts are exposed and susceptible to damage.

Water can cause harm to a motorcycle, and while it’s fine if you ride your motorcycle in the rain or let it sit in the occasional rainstorm, continued exposure will have a lasting effect. Water can find its way into the engine and carburettor and initiate rusting. A motorcycle cover will prevent water from ruining your motorbike and it will protect it during freezing temperatures.

Protect Your Motorbike from the Harmful UV Rays

The UV rays from the sun can damage many components of your motorcycle that can be expensive to repair. Occasional exposure to the sun will not cause big damage, but leaving your motorbike under the sun for extended periods of time can be harmful. The rubber and plastic parts of your motorbike can easily be impacted without coverage. UV rays from the sun can break down their elements, so your handle grips, gaskets and side panels may be affected.

Keep Your Motorbike Dust Free and Clean

At first, dust may not seem like it can cause damage to a motorcycle, but over time it can become harmful. When there is enough dust accumulated, water can be easily absorbed through it, which will speed up the rusting process. That’s why using a motorcycle cover is always a good idea, whether your bike is stored inside or outside. Also, using a cover when your motorcycle is stored indoors can prevent scratches.

Types of Motorcycle Covers


Different Types of Motorcycle Covers

There are many different types of motorcycle covers out there and here are some of the most commonly used ones.

Half Covers

These motorcycle covers are small, light and easy to transport. A half cover extends from the front to the back of your motorbike and slightly drops down below the seat. It’s a great choice if you commute on your bike and you don’t want to leave it exposed to the elements while parked. With a half cover, you will have a clean seat and controls at all times.

Scooter Covers

Scooters are the perfect commuting machines, but very often they are left outside. Getting a scooter cover can help you protect your scooter from harmful UV rays, as well as storms and rain. Typically, a scooter cover has an elastic bottom that fits snuggly over your scoot and grommets at the bottom front and centre, which makes it easy to install locks.

Full-Size Covers

Full-size motorcycle covers are big, heavy-duty and can withstand harsh weather conditions. They feature soft liners on the inside to protect the finish, but also, they have heat-resistant panels to withstand exhaust heat as well as ventilation panels to help water and moisture escape. They are easy to install and thanks to the rear zipper, you can have access to the saddlebags without removing the whole cover.

Stretch Covers


Stretch Covers

These are tight-fitting covers that offer the ultimate protection to your motorbike. A stretch cover will reduce the chances of random dust and debris sneaking in underneath the cover, but also, they have ventilation, reflective panels and soft lining that protects the bike’s finish.

A motorcycle cover is an essential item for those who care for their motorcycles and want to maintain their value by protecting their finish. Another benefit of investing in a motorcycle cover is the security it offers.

Maybe you’ve never thought of it, but a motorcycle cover can help prevent potential theft. The cover itself can’t stop a thief from stealing your motorbike, but it can certainly make it less attractive to potential thieves. Most often, thieves want an easy target and if your motorbike is covered, they will need to look under it and risk getting detected.

In the end, make sure to get the right size motorcycle cover for your bike. If it’s too small or too big it can eventually do some damage to your motorcycle and defeat the purpose of having it in the first place.