Purpose of Good CPAP Cleaning

Good CPAP cleaning is very important for effective results. It might be difficult to learn everything about your CPAP machine at first, like how to properly clean the machine, but with time it will become your every day task. A CPAP equipment contains several parts that need to be properly cleaned and maintained on a daily basis. You need to clean your mask and tubes frequently and to dispose the filters at least once a month. This will ensure proper machine performance and continuous flow of clean air to your lungs. A good CPAP cleaning is not an obligation, but something that contributes towards achieving better results. Here are some of the main reasons why a good CPAP cleaning is necessary.

Good CPAP Cleaning

Better Machine Performance – Regular and good CPAP cleaning is a must if you want to increase the efficiency of your CPAP therapy. That is why it is important to replace the cushions and the headgear after certain period of time. Also, you need to clean the mask and to replace all damaged machine parts that contribute ensure better machine performance. However, you need to be extra careful when cleaning the machine in order to avoid damaging the machine parts. Good CPAP cleaning cannot damage your machine if you clean carefully and properly, it can only make it better. If you do that all the time, you will reduce your obstructive sleep apnea symptoms and ensure great therapy results.

Inhale Fresh Air – Remember, if the CPAP mask is not clean, you breathe in debris and bacteria growing inside the mask. Therefore, a good CPAP cleaning is a must. A simple soapy water will do the trick. You will get rid of all the dirt and microbes that are accumulating in the mask. You need to inspect the air filters once in a month, because the tubes might get blocked by the dirt that has been accumulated over time. Once you clean and change the filters, you will immediately feel the difference in the air you inhale.

Prevent Infections – A good CPAP cleaning is a key if you want to prevent infections or potential bacteria problems. And since there are always microbes and bacteria in our environment, you need to pay extra attention how you use the CPAP machine. If you don’t perform a good CPAP cleaning, you will be exposed to harmful bacteria every time you inhale. In some cases, your body will fight the bacteria, but if your immune system is week then, you can easily get sick.