Getting Familiar with the Purpose of Infrared Cameras

A lot of people who want to get into the equipment testing business wonder which infrared camera is right for them as beginners to be able to do a proper job while on a tight budget. The answer to this question depends on how you intend to use the camera. While there are several infrared cameras that perform well in any given situation, there are also those that will be better than others for a particular application.

In the last several years, the technology has shifted from the overly simplistic and slow analog test devices to the far more sophisticated digital ones. The main purpose of infrared cameras is to keep track of the temperature while monitoring the electrical circuits, pipes and radiant heating for the purpose of determining potential leaks and infiltration. Regardless what industry you work in, you can’t make a mistake by purchasing the FLIR T420 infrared camera, because it’s the type of entry-level instrument that can significantly improve the efficiency and safety of your applications. Here are some of the benefits and purposes of the FLIR T420 infrared camera.

FLIR T420 Infrared Camera 1

It offers electricians, researchers, engineers, service providers and maintenance managers in various facilities a sophisticated and advanced thermal imaging suitable for extensive use. It has a 320×240 IR resolution, an incredibly wide temperature range of 650 degrees Celsius and thermal sensitivity of less than 40mK while providing high thermal image quality and great performance for fast and easy inspections.

Furthermore, a 3.5 inch touch screen allows sketches and analysis tools to be made directly into the images and then transferred by Wi-Fi to an iPad or iPhone for further analysis. You can overlay infrared images onto visible light images in order to find anomalies and faults quickly. Or you can merge infrared and visual images for more accurate inspection reports and thermal analysis.

FLIR T420 Infrared Camera 2

The camera it features is a 3.1 MP visual camera with 4x zoom which enables crisp images to be taken. It also features MPEG-4 video recording which you can use to create infrared and visual images, a feature that is ideal for capturing changes over a certain time period. All of the images or videos you take can be created directly into the T420 camera and copied to an USB very quickly.

And last but not least, it has an intuitive operation and excellent ergonomics, which make it a user-friendly infrared camera for both advanced and beginner users. It has high thermal imaging capabilities and extensive communication options, which enable it to perform accurate inspections with reporting functionality and rapid image processing.