Purpose Of Poe Network Switch


The main purpose of the Poe network switch is to supply various network devices with power and to transfer data over the Ethernet cable. Unlike the traditional mid-span system, a Poe switch offers more flexibility for tight workplace environments. This type of switch is used to supply power to various network devices like network cameras, IP phones and wireless access points. There is no need for power outlets, which means the businesses can eliminate the downtime and power interruptions. Once a compatible terminal is identified, power runs through the LAN infrastructure and automatically activates the device. Thanks to this features, users can freely use Poe- compatible devices. The benefits that can be gained by using a Poe network switch are the following ones:

Flexible and Efficient Network Designs – By using a Poe network switch, you automatically eliminate the need of AC power. That gives you the ultimate flexibility to place the Poe-network equipment wherever you want. No need to limit yourself in areas where you cannot find power supplies. Instead, place your IP camera, VoIP phones and wireless access points in the most convenient locations. The Poe switches increase the performance of your devices and can be easily placed on walls, ceilings or outdoor locations.

Faster and Simplified Installations – If you need extra space in your home or office, then consider buying a Poe switch. Instead of using a collection of wall adapters, choose a multifunctional and versatile Poe switch which can handle numerous devices. As a result, the network installation can be completed quickly and easy.

Enables Centralized Power management – In case of a power outage, all your network devices will become inoperable. But that’s not the case when you use a Poe switch with a centrally managed UPS. Having an uninterrupted power supply, or simply said a battery backup, ensures that all important data will not be lost in a case of power outage.

Lower Cost Installations – If you want to cut down the costs, then get yourself a Poe network switch. With Poe switch, you don’t have to install electrical power cabling. No need to pay extra money for qualified electricians. You will achieve greater savings through the effective energy management. Instead of having a separate power supply for every device, you can use a Poe network switch to reduce the future maintaining costs.