Purpose of Pre Sale Home Inspection

Planning to sell your home? Want to ensure that the sale process will go smoothly and quickly? Then you may want to consider a pre sale home inspection.

A pre sale home inspection provides a written report about the condition of your property and uncover any concerns that might compromise your sale. It benefits all parties involved in the selling process by providing crucial information, and that is one of the main reason why pre sale home inspection is becoming so popular in Australia.

pre sale home inspection

A pre sale home inspection will provide you with:

  • Accurate pricing: It will help you to set the right price for the house or other property you want to sell.

  • Flexibility: You will have more time to make some repairs before selling the house.

  • Peace of mind: A pre sale home inspection removes all concerns. It also may reduce all the stress associated when selling a home.

A typical pre sale home inspection includes a check of the property structural and mechanical condition. Thus it can also include tests for radon gas, detection of wood-destroying insects, and other services that may be requested by the buyer.

The main critical areas for inspection during the selling process are: roofing, electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioner systems, as well the structure, interior, exterior, insulation and ventilation.

Once the inspection is completed, the inspector will create a report for the property seller and buyer. The report will show the condition of the house. The information which will be provided in the report will either increase the resale price or show the potential buyer that the house needs additional repairs. Usually, a pre sale home inspection is paid by the buyer and is performed before the final purchase is made.

Regardless on which side of the transaction you are, a pre sale home inspection is a crucial step for making the right decision.