Purpose of the Boom Crane

The boom cranes have been around for a very long time, and the origins of the first crane are coming from Ancient Greece. Many of the technologies and equipment we are using today have been developed many years ago, retaining the original old design. The Ancient Greeks have been very innovative civilization and introduced a lot of inventions that helped people to improve their efficiency. Lifting heavy weights was a big problem, until the Greeks invented the first lifting system, today known as crane. This lifting mechanism was capable to lift heavy loads at incredible heights with ease. Over time, the Greeks improved the original design of the first lifting system and added many features to improve its operation.


At the beginning, the cranes were capable to lift and move only small-sized loads. Many new and improved crane models were developed over the years, and the boom crane is definitely one of the most efficient cranes. The boom crane got its name from its long, telescopic arm (boom), which is used for moving different objects. The boom crane also consists a jib, counterweights (stabilizers) for increased balance when lifting heavy loads, and a Rotex gear that gives the boom crane ability to rotate.

The boom cranes are a complex combination of few simple machines. The first cranes created by the Ancient Greeks were made from ropes and wood and fixed into the ground with large stakes. They used a lever to crank a line of cable through a pulley to lift objects. Their main purpose was lifting stones and similar heavy objects, and moving them into better positions for building large structures. Today, the parts of the boom crane are made from strong heavy-duty metals, and they are capable to lift much heavier loads.

Although it seems very complicated, the operation of the boom cranes is based on very simple physic laws. Once the load is attached to the end of the boom, the system of pulleys lifts the load to the desired height. The system of pulleys significantly reduces the force of the weight, allowing less force to be used for moving the object. Actually, the whole weight is spread along the cables. The cables that doesn’t stretch and the cables with zero friction are ideal for the boom cranes. So, the main purpose of boom cranes is to lift the heaviest and most awkward objects in the most efficient and effortless way.