Purpose of the Roadworthy Certificate

Buying a car is an exciting happening, regardless of whether it is a brand new or a used model. Of course, a new car brings many perks, but owning a used car also has many advantages. However, when buying a used car you need to be extra cautious. Not all car sellers are honest and very few will provide you with the accurate vehicle history. For this reason it is recommended to get a roadworthy certificate Melbourne. You may wonder why. Simple. The whole purpose of getting a roadworthy certificate Melbourne is to ensure the used car you plan on buying is in a drivable condition.


And not just drivable condition, but without any serious problems not visible at first sight which can cost you a lot in the future. If it is to believe the statistic reports of reputable car mechanic Melbourne shops, over 27% of first-time used car buyers get ripped off. To save yourself the trouble and to save hard earned money, take the car to a reputable mechanic Melbourne shop for a thorough inspection. The mechanic will inspect all major parts of the vehicle and will provide you with a full report on the true condition of the vehicle and potential future issues. Use the services of a professional car mechanic Melbourne shop to help you make the right choice. Choose the mechanic Melbourne shop that has the equipment, staff, experience and is licensed to issue roadworthy certificate Melbourne.

The whole purpose of getting a roadworthy certificate in Melbourne is to ensure that a vehicle is in a suitable operating condition and meets all the accepted standards for a safe driving. This is also an attempt of the Australian government to eliminate or at least minimize the number of poorly maintained vehicles on the road. A roadworthy certificate is normally required when a vehicle is sold or when registering a used vehicle to a new name. Just as is the case with all regions in Australia, roadworthy certificate in Melbourne is issued only by a licensed mechanic. For this reason it is important to find a car mechanic Melbourne shop that is certified to issue roadworthy certificate Melbourne.

A roadworthy certificate Melbourne can cost you anywhere from $150 to $300 depending on the car mechanic Melbourne shop, the year, make and model of the car and vehicle’s current condition. The certificate is valid for 30 days from the issue date, regardless of the issuer or vehicle tester. Roadworthy certificate is not another courtesy check. In case any part of the vehicle fails to meet the standards, a roadworthy certificate Melbourne will be denied. You will be given seven days to fix the problem and have the vehicle tested again. Only then will you be issued a roadworthy certificate Melbourne and will be able to register your new used car.