Purpose of Using Knuckle Boom Cranes At Job Sites

The knuckle boom cranes are specifically designed lifting machines equipped with a special hinged boom. These machines are most commonly used for lifting and moving different kinds of heavy items or materials, and are seen as alternative to the traditional straight boom cranes. Usually, the knuckle boom cranes are mounted on a special truck for loading and unloading materials. These lifting machines can also be found on large marine vessels where they are used for lifting and moving small boats in and out of the water. The knuckle boom cranes are considered as efficient machines for various lifting tasks in warehouses, lumber yards, and other places where heavy objects need to be efficiently handled. There are many manufacturers on the market that design and produce knuckle boom crane models. The Grove cranes are considered as some of the most widely used knuckle boom cranes on the market.


The knuckle boom cranes are characterized by the specific design of their boom. The boom hinges in three places like a real human finger. The base moves up and down to change the direction of the boom. One hinge at the middle of the boom allows it to bend, while another hinge at the end allows the operators to easily pick and move objects by using a hook or a hoist. Some of these boom sections can be further extended in order the crane to reach more. When the knuckle boom crane is in operation, it may get a claw like appearance, or be like a beckoning finger.

A knuckle boom crane, as said above, is generally a lifting machine that performs the lifting tasks by being mounted on a special truck as a permanent or integral part of that vehicle. Because they are placed behind the driver of the truck, the knuckle boom cranes cannot be operated from the inside of the truck. In most cases, the operator comes out of the truck and monitors the loading and unloading tasks while he operates the crane. Some modern knuckle boom cranes are designed with remote control or remote operation systems. These models can be operated from a distance for maximized efficiency and safety. Furthermore, some knuckle boom cranes can be folded automatically to fit the truck perfectly.

These lifting machines provide many benefits and advantages. Their unique articulated design allows them to efficiently handle heavy objects in tight and narrow spaces, and also are easy for transportation in urban areas. Additionally, their hinged boom allows the operator to achieve high level of control and precision when lifting and moving heavy items or objects. This results in reduced accidents on the job sites. However, the knuckle boom cranes have some disadvantages. One negative side is the limited lifting capacity when compared with the standard straight boom cranes. These lifting machines are designed to handle smaller objects and don’t dispose with the same power like the straight boom cranes.