The Purpose of Wedding Favours

Although not obligatory, having wedding favours on your wedding is certainly a heartwarming tradition, just like having a flower girl. While a lit bit costly (it doesn’t have to be if you choose them wisely) and materialistic, this is a tradition with a long history.

While some couples approach this as a competition and they invest in fancy and expensive gifts, the purpose of giving wedding favours is more than that. It’s about being polite and thanking guests for their presence with a meaningful gift that won’t break the bank. By this day, wedding favours have been adopted almost everywhere around the world, and we Aussies are no exception. Personalised matchboxes, personalised puzzle pieces, cute little notebooks and scratch cards are just an example of the many things you can give to your guests.



What’s the Average Cost?

The total cost can depend on the number of guests and on the wedding favour’s price. Roughly speaking, for a wedding with 150 guests, you can spend something between $300 and $400, depending on the wedding favours’ price. However, what you decide to spend should be mainly based on your overall budget.

Wedding Favour Gift Ideas

Hanging Balls Clear Candle Holders

Stylish and romantic, these candle accessories will certainly not break your bank. Made of clear glass which is appealing on its own, these holders can stand alone thanks to their slightly flattened bottom or they could be hanged on the loop at the top. At the centre of the ball, there is an opening which is designed for a tealight or any other smaller candle.

Besides candles, getting cute candle accessories for your wedding guests is a practical gift idea as they can also be used for planting small succulents. In addition to any outdoor area such as a balcony, the cute little glass balls can add a dash of freshness and style by being placed on a windowsill or any other place where they’ll be used as decor.



Since they are supposed to be gifts for your guests, by being placed on the table, they will only add to that amazing table décor, making it even more eye-catching. Just don’t forget to add a thank you card on each of these balls, so your guests can know that these cute little balls are a wedding favour and not a part of the table decor.

Note: If your wedding reception is outdoors, you can shop in bulk and hang these clear ball candles accessories on the trees. You can also arrange them around the venue or around the wedding table.

Gold/Silver Mercury Glass Candle Holder

Another affordable yet stylish and thoughtful option for wedding favours is these decorative candle holders. These candles accessories are stylish, modern and versatile, able to accommodate a standard tealight or a votive. And just like the glass hanging balls, these candle holders also have the ability to adorn the guest tables while being the perfect gift as a wedding favour.



Personalised Face Masks

Whether hosting an extremely small wedding only with the closest family members or not, personalised face masks are the ideal wedding favour gift. Especially for this pandemic year we are living in. Fingers crossed this will pass soon and hopefully, better days will come. Now, when it comes to choosing the face mask material, it’s better to choose cotton satin as it’s soft and non-irritable while shiny enough for the occasion. On top of that, these masks can be reused and washed as many times as needed.

Personalised Hand Sanitiser

In the spirit of this year (that we want to forget as soon as possible), you can give individual and personalised hand sanitisers that your guests could use effective immediately. You can personalise the bottles with a cute design and label, and you can even choose the scent of the hand sanitizer and opt for a gentler and warmer scent that will come as a refreshment compared to the months of breathing in alcohol fumes.



Mini Beverage Bottles

If you want to give something different, you can always opt for mini beverage bottles that can be filled with a drink of your preference. For the adults, you can fill the bottles with champagne, wine or beer, while for the little ones, you can fill the bottles with juice. Just don’t forget to personalise them by adding a customised label on them.

Handmade Soaps

Practice shows that handmade soaps are one of the most commonly used wedding favours. They are small, scented and affordable, perfect for those of you who are planning to make a huge wedding. And since here in Australia we have lots of local small businesses, by purchasing from them your good deed will double.



Mini Cookie Jar

Cookie jars with cork lids are another eye-catching wedding favour you could give to your guests. Since these jars are decorative on their own, you can only add a cute little bow at the top and fill them with different kinds of candies. To add a personal touch to them, you can always add a personalised label with your names and the date of your wedding written in a cute font.

Hand Fans

If you are having a summer wedding day, you can give decorative hand fans as a wedding favour to your guests. Since wedding fans are mainly used by women, you can give pocket compasses as a wedding favour for the men.