Purposeful Caravan Accessories to Take on Your Next Adventure

Exploring the outdoors is the best way to create some of the greatest memories of your life. And having a caravan to take you on outdoor adventures is sure great, but there are things you need to have before you hit the road. Your caravan is going to be your mobile home, so it has to be equipped properly for your comfort, safety and pleasure.

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I know most people can’t buy all things at once. The list of ways you can upgrade your mobile home can be never-ending, so to make things easier, I’m going to share some of the most essential caravan accessories for your comfort and safety. The road is a challenge and you never know what might happen, so you should always be prepared.

Electricity Cable

Electricity Cable caravan accessories

If you don’t feel like sitting in the dark, then one of the first and most important caravan accessories you’ll need is an electricity cable. A hookup extension cable can allow you to make use of the electricity your campsite provides. This way, you can power all the home accessories in your caravan (fridge, stove, microwave, TV).

A 12V Portable Fan

A 12V Portable Fan Caravan Accessories

This is quite a popular item and a very practical one if you’re camping in the heat. Although modern RVs have an air-conditioning unit, keep in mind that those work on generator power. So, you should take a portable fan just in case. Some people prefer using it over air-conditioning since it’s quiet and can be mounted anywhere in the caravan. It can provide some refreshing maximum airflow inside the van. The great thing is that it doesn’t use a lot of power and is budget-friendly.

Wheel Chocks and Levelling Ramps

Camper leveling block in use.

Levelling your van is not only important for comfortable sleeping experience, but also for making sure your caravan stays securely in place. Plus, a levelled caravan is also crucial when it comes to draining the sinks and ensuring that the fridge works well. You can find wheel chocks and levelling ramps in any caravan supply shop (unless you want to use timber for the same effect). The difference is that the wheel chocks are specially made to do their job. They aren’t heavy and can be packed easily.

Reversing Camera

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If you aren’t travelling with a spotter, you will need a reversing camera. It provides real-time vision and will ease your maneuvering. You’ll be able to see exactly everything that is in your way. The camera can be ordered along with your caravan, but many versions can be installed on it separately no matter when you bought it.There are options for the display in to be in the rear-view mirror, as a standalone unit, on the dash console, or your smartphone. Some models can record things which can be handy in unwanted accidents where you need to show proof to your insurance company.

Towball Scales

Your tow vehicle and your caravan have maximums towbar weight limits set on them by manufacturers. And you should observe them to stay legal on the road. When you buy the van, you need to check what load it places on the car when both of them are empty as well as when loaded with your gear or just with full water tanks.

towball scales - caravan accessories

A set of towbar scales will allow you to set-up your combination with a degree of accuracy to stay legal when it comes to mandated limits and to be sure you have suitable handling equipment. A too heavy load may cause issues with breaking and steering of your vehicle. On the other hand, if it’s too light, the vehicle will be a nightmare to tow.

Caravan Tool Kit

The best way to give yourself peace of mind is to have all the necessities from the start. When you’re on the road and have some issues, it’s better to have the tools on hand just in case. Even if you wait for assistance, you can provide the rescuer with tools and be sure that nothing is missing. Even if you aren’t so good with tools, you might utilize them, so you can at least get yourself to your destination (where you’ll seek proper help).

Outdoor Camping Furniture

Don’t go anywhere without your outdoor camping furniture. Things are easier where you have the option to sit outside and enjoy the sun or stars. Sure, your caravan has a table and seating, and you can use them, but you surely won’t want to stay inside all the time. If you wanted that you’d stayed at home, right?


A table is a necessity. You can prepare your meals on it, gather your family and friends for dinner, play games, chat, use your laptop, etc. Of course, you’ll need several comfortable camp chairs where you can sit. Pick reclining chairs so things can be even more comfortable. The camping furniture should be lightweight, easily foldable and able to withstand harsh weather conditions. That being said, plastic and teak furniture is usually the best option. And when you don’t travel, you can utilize it in your backyard or patio.

Stackable Kitchen Items

Travelling light is essential if you want to have more space. But, since you have a caravan you are free to add some stuff in there. Of course, your van has a kitchen and you’ll need some items that will make cooking, eating and drinking easier. Luckily for you, you can get anything from cereal bowls, glasses, a washing basket, cutlery and other essential RV kitchen accessories that are lightweight and stackable to not take up a lot of space.